Let's Empower the Youth!

Let's Empower the Youth!

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Aien Montalbo started this petition to barangay officials

Lately, we can notice the increasing number of crimes and issues among young generation. It can be seen that today’s youth’s behavior and actions are more aggressive wherein it seems that they are choosing what they want despite of the consequences that it’ll take. Some of them, most likely in the age of 13 to 19, are part of crimes and issues like drugs, robbery, rape, teenage pregnancy and such. Every time I am hearing news wherein some teens are involved, I cannot help it but to feel sad and ask, “Are we really the future of our country?” It makes me feel bad and sad knowing that at their very young age they got involved in those kinds of activities wherein it is illegal and wrong.

As part of this generation, this petition is made to help other youth and to open their minds to choose the right path and seek for their bright future instead of ruining it and making it miserable. I am also a youth wherein my main goal is to show them and let them feel that they’re not alone but because God is here as well as their family and friends. I can say that teenagers that are involved in those kinds of crimes have lack of family support and God’s words of wisdom. They become rebellious because they feel that no one understands them, that’s why with their aggressive decisions they did something that may hurt others and also their selves.

I am raising this concern to the Barangay Officials because I know that they can make this possible. I really want this to stop and I am willing to help to prevent it from increasing. As a youth, I want to help other youth to find God and their bright future because I know that this will not just for the betterment of our barangay but also for their selves. So, here are the lists of projects and activities that can help every youth to make their selves better:

1. Barangay Summer League 2019

            1.1. Basketball for boys

            1.2 Volleyball for girls

2. Mr. and Ms. Teen Dumuclay

3. Clean and Green Project

4. #YouthSpeak

5. Discovery Camp and Workshops

6. Leadership Trainings

7. Anti-bullying Campaign

8. Teenage Pregnancy Seminar

9. Musika ng Kabataan

10. Worshipping God

            10.1. Senakulo

            10.2. Bible study

            These are just some of the activities I want to share as of the moment but once these projects are implemented, I can ask other youth for their suggestions and ideas. These activities may help them to become better individual. It is also a way to encourage every youth to empower their skills and talent so that they can share it to others. It is also a way to make new friends because I can notice that the youth here in our barangay are not really that close even if they’re always seeing each other. I believe that through this kinds of activities the youth here in our barangay will be empowered and will be one. Let’s empower the youth because just like what Jose Rizal said, “ The youth is the hope of our future.”

*Photos not mine. Credits to the Sangguniang Kabataan Officials.

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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!