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We The People Will Not Tolerate Genocide

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For more than five years Bashar Assad has been at war with the people of Syria. This war has continued to escalate during this time. It is now to the point that Assad, with the aid of the Russian government and military and the Iranian government and military, is committing the worst atrocities against humanity: genocide. All the while, the US and other world leaders sit idly by condemning these acts but taking no action against them. The US government and military have made it a priority throughout its history to defend the world against oppressors. This is as bad as oppression can get. Where is the US government and military now while this is happening?

We need the President of the United States, Barack Obama, to do whatever it takes to mobilize military forces and intercede for the innocent civilian children, women, elderly, and the men, and stop this genocide. The United States government and military must send a message to the world that we will not tolerate these atrocities and must hold the responsible parties, Assad, Putin, Khameini, and company, accountable for their actions for the safety and wellbeing not only for Aleppo and all of Syria, but for the entire world because who is to say they will stop at Syria if they are not stopped altogether. 

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