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We're asking President Obama to pardon and/or grant clemency to all Political Prisoners

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Dear President Barack Obama,

We believe that all arrest, convictions, and plea deals for drug related offenses under the Nixon Administration continuing through the first Bush presidency were invalid. Due to the fact that drugs were intentionally put into communities of color, particularly black communities, to stigmatize an entire race of people. As a result of those actions these communities are weakened for political, social, and economic gain. Solidifying the motives of the organizers and executors of COIN TEL PRO as ordered by the Nixon Administration.

Considering the recent admission of guilt by William Bill Clinton’s era of the “Three Strikes Law”,  the “Mandatory Minimum” and the “1994 Crime Bill” we ask for the immediate release from jails, prisons, probation and or parole all persons sentenced under these laws. Due to the Clinton Administrations removal of judicial discrepancy in the use of a political campaign with an agenda that was misleading to voters. Thereby insinuating to the voters of opposing political parties a weakness in fighting crime. Thus creating an environment of distrust and deceit in order to advance an economic agenda focused on providing employment for rural working class white people. At the same time opening a business model of privately owned for profit prisons generating billions of dollars at the expense and dehumanization of communities of color, particularly black ones.

We ask that all individuals who have served sentences as well as all individuals who are currently serving out sentences for marijuana related offenses to be immediately released and/or exonerated, pardoned from jails, prisons, probation and parole. Due to the changes in sentencing laws in some states where cannabis (marijuana) has been legalized in the US and its growing trend towards national legalization this should be effected without prejudice. 

We ask that all individuals who have served sentences and all individuals who are currently serving out sentences for crack related offenses immediate release from jails, prisons, probation and or parole. In respect of definitive scientific proof that crack and cocaine are the same drug sentences for each drug without respect for its makeup should have reflected the same sentencing. But did/does not, because crack cocaine had been concentrated in the black communities and the desired stigma had been attained, making it appear to the people that harsher sentencing of black men and women was/is justified.   
President Ronald Reagan’s “War on Drugs” and his wife Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No to Drugs” campaigns intentionally or unintentionally became the “War on Black People” campaign. This led to the creation of what we now know is “Mass Incarceration”, “The School to Prison Pipeline”, and “SWAT”. In total,  modernized biased and predatory policing that still plagues communities of color today.

We also ask that all individuals upon release are granted expunged records and a full restoration of their voting and political rights. As well as full access to social and economics programs and services in the areas of housing, education, and employment rights. Restore their rights to life for a real opportunity to become a productive member of society.

We also ask that all currently incarcerated individuals still serving sentences due to the “Three Strike and You’re Out” era or the “Mandatory Minimum” sentencing laws to be released as well. These individuals who have been released should receive expunged records and immediate release from any probation and or parole programs. 

We are also asking that all records, documents, and any other information gathered in response to all protest under the President Obama Administration be released to the public. Releasing the files meets the goals of this current administrations enactment of the “21st Century Policing Task Force”. 
We believe doing so provides the transparency and accountability expected from the creation of the aforementioned task force. Ultimately allowing the public to see that those of us who stood up for our rights, as stated in this countries constitution, insight to become more knowledgable of the tactics, strategies and the real possibility of unfair and unjust surveillance that may come under the next president.

We hope this petition provokes thoughts and opens or revives conversations concerning the depths the United States of America’s government has gone to in order to quell any movements for equality, justice, and liberation of black people. The world should know that the US Government flooded drugs into communities of color, particularly where blacks are the majority, in order to stigmatize an entire race of people. Perpetuating the predatory and biased policing of black people, the assassinations of our leaders, the imprisonment of thousands of community/ movement leaders over the last 100 years.

All of this having been done as a way of maintaining an outdated racially divided and socially unbalanced, economically segregated way of life.

The removal of judicial discrepancy to win elections. The school to prison pipeline was a way of creating full-time employment for rural working class whites. At the same time legally, not morally, using prisoners for less than minimum wage for working under conditions only comparable to chattel slavery. Under the guise of law and order, public safety, and what can only be called a phobia of communism or socialism undermining democracy.

We also hope that the Obama Administration, which ran on a platform of “HOPE” in 2008 reinstates hope in a fleeting democracy. Even though this tyranny did not occur under the current administration we are calling on President Obama to implement our hopes in his final days of presidency.

In the Name of Freedom,

The International Black Freedom Alliance 

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