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We are requesting that the deportation of Jacobo Gabriel be stopped, and that ICE grant him a stay of removal or deferred action.

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We are sponsoring this petition to request that the deportation of Jacobo Gabriel be stopped, and that ICE grant him a stay of removal or deferred action.

 Jacobo was arrested in July of 2013 and incarcerated for a month. At that time, because of the help of many good friends, a successful petition, and the work of his attorney, he was released and ordered to check in with ICE every three months.  He kept every one of those appointments and has done everything requested of him.

 At his September 2014 appointment with ICE, Jacobo was told that his time had run out.  His attorney filed a motion to reopen his case, but we are quickly running out of time.  The judge has to decide whether or not to open his case, and in the meantime, ICE is ordering him to return to Guatemala on Nov. 5th.  The government attorneys are fighting against reopening his case.  If the judge doesn’t respond to his request to reopen the case quickly, Jacobo may be forced by ICE to return to Guatemala.

 Jacobo has lived in this country for 22 years; he came to the USA to apply for asylum during the civil war in Guatemala, and when the peace agreement was signed, he was asked to return to his home country.  At that point he decided to try and stay here, so he petitioned the court for residency, but after years in court, was eventually turned down. When that happened, he made what he calls one of the most difficult decisions of his life at that point - the decision to stay in the US without legal documentation.  By that time, he was married and they were expecting their 2nd child.   He and his wife are faithful members of their church and  community.  He has worked and payed taxes in this country for all the time he has been here, and has been working at the same hog farm now for 9 years.  He earns enough to support his family comfortably.  Now he and his wife have 4 US born citizen children, ranging in age from 6-13.  The children attend Catholic school and the family own and have almost paid off their home.

 Jacobo’s question to us is this: “I left Guatemala when I was 16 years old.  There is nothing for me there, my family and my life is here.  I do my best to be a good person, a good Christian.  But they tell me I can’t stay here.  So you tell me, where is my place?”

Those of us who love and support Jacobo and his family are very concerned for their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.   If Jacobo returns to Guatemala, it’s likely that he won’t be able to find work that will support his family.  If the whole family were to return to Guatemala, they would be in danger and the children would not be able to receive a decent education.  Their children are US citizens and have every right to stay here.  But chances are good that if they do, they will need to be supported by the state.  In these situations our immigration makes no sense when it comes to the well-being of the family.   They are taking away the support of a father and husband, and his deportation will likely cost the US taxpayer more because now instead of Jacobo supporting his children, the government will have to.

For Jacobo, returning to Guatemala will present what we consider grave danger for him personally.  It is very common for those who have lived in the US to be victims of violence and kidnapping.  In Guatemala, anyone who has lived and worked in the US is considering “rich” and there are gangs who target these individuals.  We are extremely concerned for Jacobo’s welfare in Guatemala. 

 We ask you to sign this petition and offer your support for Jacobo and his family.  Also, please pass it along to others and ask them to sign. And we ask that ICE and our US government value this good man, and allow him to remain in the US with his family.

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