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Vidarbhian wants Seperate statehood

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Creating a separate Vidarbha state will be very important, not just for the growth of Nagpur, but for all cities in Vidarbha. Nagpur(and other cities in Vidarbha) has been neglected for a very long time.

Nagpur is the winter capital of Maharashtra and lies in the exact center of India. It is the most important city of Vidarbha. Despite all this the level of economic development remains very low. For instance, unlike Pune and Mumbai, Vidarbha's cities face a lot of electricity shortages, depite it being the leading producer of coal and electricity in Maharashtra.

There are a lot of mineral resources in Vidarbha, but the revenue from all this doesn't benefit Nagpur(other cities of Vidarbha). Tourism industry has suffered too. There are lots of tiger reserves around Nagpur, which is an important rail junction, and has probably the only functional airport in Vidarbha, (i.e. connecting the tiger reserves to rest of the country) but no effort has been made to tap this and use it for the benefits of Nagpurians.

I am humbly requesting all the Vidarbhian support this Noble cause and give us separate state

Jai Vidarbha

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