Accord Nigerians an Equal Opportunity and Fair Treatment during Visa Interviews.

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According to an email correspondence with the U.S. Consulate in Lagos, “during student visa interviews, applicants must convince the interviewing consular officers that they qualify for a student visa. Through the course of the interview, visa officers determine whether the applicants meet the criteria necessary to qualify for a visa. These criteria include 1) that the applicants show they are genuine students, 2) that they have sufficient finances to cover the cost of their U.S. studies, and 3) that they have sufficient socio-economic and family ties to Nigeria that would compel them to return to Nigeria upon completion of their studies.

Under U.S. law, students who fail to meet these qualifications are refused visas under Section 214(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. A written explanation is provided at the time of refusal. Please note that this refusal is not permanent but can be overcome if the applicant later demonstrates he/she is qualified during a future interview.”

However, MANY students who qualify, have bonafide admissions at accredited U.S. Colleges, genuine intentions to study when they get to the U.S.A, necessary and verifiable documents, yet, have been given less than five minutes of interview moments, denied without basis and dismissed like someone with a contagious disease! Then, they are asked to RE-APPLY by paying ANOTHER SET OF FEES with NO GUARANTEE of securing the Visa at the second interview! This is appalling, inhumane and wrong to collect high visa fees from the applicants, and then treat them like animals, only to deny them the services for which they mostly qualify and have paid for.

Again, I urge you to accord EVERY NIGERIAN an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY as well as a FAIR TREATMENT which Nigerians are not accorded during their interviews as well as:

  1. To treat every Nigerian with respect and dignity every human being deserves.
  2. To stop the poor service and callous treatment by the U.S Embassy staff.
  3. To eliminate the arbitrary nature of the interview process.
  4. To reflect a high level of courtesy, professionalism and efficiency that paying customers deserve.
  5. A right to check applicants have the required documents and if they meet the stated criteria by the Consulate, grant them the visa.
  6. To give the right to appeal with NO FEES to those denied Student Visas within a reasonable time frame.
  7. To re-invite and interview EVERYONE that has fallen victim to the fraudulent nature of being denied a Visa with no valid reasons within the past year and re-consider their applications with NO FEES.
  8. To respond to inquiries both over the telephone and via email with respect and not dismiss people unceremoniously.
  9. Maintain compliance with the Equal Opportunity Act and stop discriminatory acts against Nigerians.
  10. To comply with the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII).
  11. To comply with the Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).

Nigerians look forward to an improvement.

It is imperative for the Consulate to institute comprehensive, long term and positive changes.


Valentina O. Ibirogba

Executive Director.

Chances and Opportunities Inc.

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