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Increase Minimum Wage for Restaurant Servers to $10.10 per hour in the USA

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Daily, people go to restaurants to enjoy their meal and may tip between 1-25% of their meal total cost as gratuity for the restaurant server. This is very important as the average pay for restaurant servers is between $2.15 - $2.75 per hour. In truth the restaurant server only recieves the gratuity as thier normal base pay is taken by taxes. The National Restaurant Association and Restaurant Owners see no reason to change the minimum wage as they continue to rely on patrons to pay the wages for their employees. At times, some patrons don't feel the need to be responsible for paying the wages of the restaurant servers and therfore don't tip at all. It is a fact that 80% of restaurant servers are female and 60% of them are single mothers. At times, the restaurant server may recieve $100 dollars one day but yet recieve $20 dollars the next day for an 8 hours workload. Being considered the most powerful nation in the world, we feel it is time to show it in our actions as Canada currently pays their restaurant servers $9-10 dollars per hour and Europe automatically places 20% gratuity inside the total bill. Though some states have increased the minimum wage for restaurant servers  and some new restaurants are including 20% gratuitiy inside the bill, it would help to have things equally resolved and assist not only the single mothers working but also help improve the economy as well. The more money made...the more money spent at other businesses to only improve and increase the current economy we live in. Thank you for your time in reading this and show your support so that the United States may finally improve a system that has been in place for over 60 years.  The staff of Get Up Radio Media Broadcasting LLC ( says it's time to Get Up America and Make that Change! Thank you.

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