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To abolish, defund, and nullify the DEA, ONDCP, and all drug prohibition.

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If America is a free country, and Americans are not slaves (if they own their own bodies), then there can be no such thing as the prior organizations, and no such thing as drug prohibition. The prohibition of some drugs began as a racist means of allowing selective law enforcement. The arguments before congress that first outlawed some drugs were all racist arguments that have since been invalidated by science. Those arguments have been dropped, and replaced by equally unscientific and immoral arguments that hold no merit whatsoever. Perverse incentives of the private prison industry and government powermongers have replaced even the pretense of logic or reason behind the drug laws. The prohibition of drugs punishes people for crimes that have no inherent victim, no injury, and no intent to injure. As such, they are "mala prohibita" -a category of crime that cannot exist in a free country. The prohibition of drugs has further made a mockery of the idea that America is a free country, by giving us the largest prison population in the world. Practically, the prohibition of drugs makes the USA less market competitive at a time immediately preceding the Singularity, which makes our hypocrisy very dangerous, owing to the likely possibility of artilect retaliation against hypocritical governments. Moreover, the Bill of Rights and common law both stand in opposition to the idea that there can be arbitrary government limits on private property ownership. If there is to be peace on Earth and goodwill toward men, then what is legal in Amsterdam must be legal in the USA. Moreover, the equal and fair enforcement of the drug laws would put 50,000,000 people in prison, as they currently stand --an untenable proposition.

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