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The U.S. Dept. of Justice needs to investigate all uses of force against DAPL protesters

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I am starting this petition to give a voice to the American people, to call upon the officials in their elected government to protect the American people. Specifically I am calling upon President Obama and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch to task the U.S. Department of Justice with investigating all uses of force against the DAPL protesters.

There have been numerous instances of force being used against protesters of the Dakota Access Pipeline. In the attached photo a water cannon is being used for crowd suppression in subfreezing temperatures. During the course of this incident tear gas and rubber bullets were also deployed. The vast majority of the protesters are behind a police barricade of concrete barriers and razor wire and make no attempt to get past the barricade.

Here is a link to a video that shows more of the incident

In the video you will see a single protester successfully climb over the barricade on sheets of corrugated steel while the water cannon sprays across the crowd. That protester is unable to get to their feet before being subdued by the police. Had the water cannon not been deployed against the unthreatening crowd but instead aimed at the greatest threat, those protesters nearest the police and therefore most able to successfully commit acts of violence, this single protester could have been held back. Also in the video you will see chemical agents deployed against a single protester, their arms out to the sides with their empty hands spread open standing 10 feet or more away from the razor wire barricade. This last protester did not present a credible threat when chemical agents were deployed and represents an excessive use of force.


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