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barack obama: Stop trying to compromise the rights of millions who did nothing wrong.

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Our founding fathers had a greater understanding of tyranny and misrepresentation than any politicians in Washington today. When they wrote the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Amendments to the Constitution they did so with the intention of preventing a government that did not act in the interest of the people. The First Amendment was implemented to ensure the people always had a voice to speak out against their elected representatives without fear of reprisal. The Second Amendment was created to ensure "The People" had the means to protect themselves from a standing or invading army, to rise up against a tyrannical government, and to enforce the First Amendment.

Today our elected representatives aim to sacrifice the Second Amendment rights of millions of law abiding gun owners who have done nothing wrong, to enact legislation that has never reduced violent crime in the past. Dilution of the Second Amendment today, has unimaginable consequences 10,20, or 100 years or more down the road. The world will be a very different place in the future that nobody can predict. An invading force, a tyrannical government, and other untold tragedies may lie in our future. Once these rights are gone they will never be returned. Join in with us today and tell the president that we won't stand for unjustly punishing those that have done nothing wrong. Stand up against this blatant power grab from Washington and their attempt to dilute the Constitution.  Tell President Barack Obama we don't want any more gun control laws.

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