Stop Obesity!!

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I have been around to many different countries over the past few years and there are lot’s of obese people in this world. Obesity has not been handled that well in the past few years because of the deaths and diseases, so I think obesity should be handled better because of all the deadly consequences caused by obesity!

I think that obesity should be stopped because of the deadly consequences it is causing. Obesity is killing around 598,000 people in a year, that is more than cancer! Cancer only kills only 575,000 people a year. This is mostly because of the amount of added sugar sodium and fat from products all around the world, the problem is fast food. People eat fast food because it is cheap and addicting, but people do not realize what fast food is doing to them. 35% children that are overweight have parents that are overweight too. But we can put a stop to that by telling the manager to make some healthy things and stop. We should also tell the fast food chains to add some healthy veggies and put it in one of the sets. I also think another way of doing it is raising the price of the junk food.

In the world 1 billion people are overweight and 300 million of those people are obese. Child obesity can lead to diseases in an early age and can cause death too. But we can also put a stop to it by teaching the kids what happens about obesity and teach them about vegetables and healthy foods so that they realize they don’t want that happening to them. Obese people normally eat around 200 grams of sugar, a average human eats around 100 grams of sugar a day, these programs give obese people money to stay healthy and get food because they can’t get a job but, I think this is wrong because I think most of this money has been spent on drugs and bad things that are making their problems worse. I saw a TV show called my 600 pound life were the obese person gets his money from the programm then he spends it on painkillers, but they just end up making him worse.

Obese people think that painkillers help with the pain and the struggle for when their obese, but the painkillers just end up making the situation worse for those people. They actually end up killing some people. I think that people should not take drugs to help them with obesity because it’s just going to kill them.

There are lots of ways that you can handle with obesity, but most of them require discipline, for example you need discipline to stay on your diet, to go to the gym, to stay active, but some people just end up going to the surgical doctor to get rid of their fat, I think that that procedure does work but when somebody does it their is a very high chance of death, I think that the best way to get rid of obesity is going on a diet, working out and not taking much drugs. I know that it is possible because of this person Scott Thompson. He says: “I was a competitive athlete growing up, playing all kinds of sports at a high level. When a knee injury in college forced me to stop training, I eventually found myself sitting behind a desk, eating nothing but takeout, and 120 pounds heavier—for about six years. During that time, my friends and family were relentless, constantly commenting on and mocking my weight until I'd finally had enough. I decided it was time to do something about it.” He lost 120 pounds just by working out and eating healthy.

In conclusion we need to make a big change! The way mankind is handling this problem is despicable, the way we do it is not right drugs are horrible. We can make it better! This disease is killing humans and knocking us down, we need to put a end to it! Sign my petition if you agree with me!