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Stop Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar

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My family immigrated from Bangladesh in 1990. I have visited Bangladesh numerous times. Every time I travel there, I count my blessings, because I see poor individuals begging on the streets, and sometimes they have amputated arms and legs. It is hard to imagine any other burden imposed on them given that they have to take care of their families and look after their own health.

Currently in Bangladesh, there is a refugee crises of Rohingya, which is a minority group in Myanmar. Rohingyas are fleeing to Bangladesh because according to John McKissick of the UN refugee agency in Bangladesh, "Soldiers are killing men, slaughtering children, raping women." Bangladesh does not accept illegal immigrants, but many Rohingas already crossing the border because of the possibility of getting murdered by the Burmese militia.

Myanmar has barred journalists and the United Nations from entering the villages of the Rohingya. However, satellites by the Human Rights Watch have shown damage already incurred by the Burmese government. Hundreds of houses have been damaged, and the Rohingya are getting killed daily.

It is imperative for the Burmese government to realize that this is a dire situation with lives at risk. The Burmese government should immediately halt these killings and allow the Rohingya to live peacefully in their state.

I call President Obama and Ban Ki-Moon to negotiate this situation with the Burmese government in order to stop these killings because the Rohingya have continuously been persecuted in previous years, and there must be an end to this catastrophe. 



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