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Stop Denying Passports to Tens of Thousands of Law Abiding Americans Simply Because They're Adopted

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Dear President:

Part I: Tens of thousands of law abiding American adoptees (adopted people) are unable to obtain American passports. This is a problem that was caused by a glitch in Homeland Security and therefore must be resolved in Federal Court and not by state by state governments who have known about this, but refuse to do anything. 

Post 9/11 Homeland Security has decided to deny passports to law abiding adopted Americans who were not adopted until after age one before the year 2000. Homeland Security will not permit an amended birth certificate filed after age one before the year 2000 to be considered a lawful document proving American citizenship. Adopted Americans are denied their original birth certificate due to discrimination perprated by a privacy for birthparents myth.  Privacy to brthparents is a myth because  original birth certificates are not sealed and kept permanately hidden from the adoptee (adopted person) until the adoption is finalized, so if the infant ends up growing up in foster care he or she always has access to their original birth certificate. 

Law abiding Americans simply for being adopted are here held prisoner within the United States. They are not able to travel to wonderful places such as France, Italy, or New Zealand and they can't even take a day trip to Canada. 

Part II: Mr. President, there are many wrongs that need to be made right when it comes to adoptee discrimination. It is time to immediately fix this error and allow all law abiding Americans to obtain a passport if they can afford one. Furthermore, some adoptees' adoption procedures, especially those who were adopted from the Republic of Korea during Operation Babylift, were botched and these people are not considered citizens meaning they can't vote, marry, or open a bank account. It's time to fix this critical adoptee issue.


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