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Social Security Administration: Provide alternate access to my Social Security Statements

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Millions of retired Social Security recipients who have paid into Social Security for their entire lives are now unable to even view their benefits statements due to the change in security at the website. The new security method requires anyone logging into the website to now provide a cell phone number that can receive text messages. While this is a great idea, and security is important, even the Social Security Administration could be hacked, so why are those receiving benefits not being offered an alternative to getting access to their statements? Senior citizens who are living on fixed low incomes, those who have difficulty with their hearing, vision, or difficulty with modern technology have been shut out of even seeing their monthly statements. You literally can not even log into the site without entering a cell phone number. There is no other option for it's users, we're all just forced to deal with it. First, we no longer were able to get paper statements in the mail, and were required to log into a website in order to view and print our statements, now this. While technology is a wonderful thing, the people managing OUR money - the money we worked all our lives for and put into this fund for OUR retirements - need to be smarter. What happens to the disabled? What about the elderly who have arthritis and can't text because of intense joint pain? Why is there not or was there not already an alternative method in place for those receiving benefits to check or print a statement? Why is this not automatically sent via e-mail or mail anymore? Why does the Social Security Administration have the ability to lock us out of seeing our statements? I'm starting this petition to get the Social Security Administration to get off of their lazy butts and do something for it's recipients, their jobs are being paid for by ALL OF US who pay into Social Security. It's time to take a stand against those who are taking control of our access to managing our retirement! It's time to make those who make these changes accountable, and do the right thing. Stand up and be heard! Article explaining the issue can be read on the New York Times website here:

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