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Due to I refuse to settle for the way things are and the status quo that no longer works for me and as society I feel we’re going backwards.

           I  WANT  A  SOCIAL EVOLUTION  !!!

If you wish to

  • Stop  Tax Havens, ,Tax Evasion Networks & Tax  Evaders (allegedly, D.Trump) …..
  • Have low taxes,  & better  salaries and social services  & pensions…..  
  • Reduce the shameful incomes inequality  & children poverty…..
  • Be pay for your commute time & cost & free commute fares, …..
  • Be pay for your University Time & Get free tuitions fees,

Stop , Tax Havens & Tax Evasion Networks & Tax  Evaders (allegedly as D. Trump) …..

If the ordinary people do something, the tax havens will disappear and the tax evaders won’t be able to use loopholes to evade paying taxes. 

If one part, the deep pockets, most of them, are able to evade taxes & have tax evasion networks working for them & tax havens in order to have money stashed …The ordinary people, the ones who can’t do and don’t have tax evasion networks, must have the possibility to open a discreet hollows at the safety & gold vaults of any Central Bank  ( in this case, the Bank of England) and do “Gold & Notes Evasion”, due to the economic and social effects, are the same.

Meanwhile the Britain's Richest 1,000 families control total of £547bn, rising by more than 112p.c since 2009 when they paid for the 27pc of the budget, did they double the tax payment since then? NO, Why? If a middle class employee doubles their wages since 2009, do they double the tax payment?  YES, they must do it due to they don’t have the opportunity to do tax evasion.

E.g. D.Trump A very wealthy individual, explicitly acknowledged that he used a $916 million loss that he reported on his 1995 income tax returns to avoid paying personal federal income taxes for years. .. ( An elder individual with the social values and principles that he represents, as “when you’re a star, Grab women by the p---y,” Trump says. The President of “the Capitalist System” is an individual that embodies the worst values and principles of the system.)

Have low taxes,  & better  salaries and social services  & pensions…..

The middle-class has an effective rate of tax: 41.4 pc nonetheless the richest families & companies are largely escaping from taxation. E.g. the UK Government miss out on more than £120bn a year in taxes (almost a £2.5bn per week or £14 m each hour, or in 5 minutes, and every 5’, £ 1m ) due to TAX “Avoidance” & EVASION mostly do it by the deep pocket and major companies. Much of that money ends up in the tax havens with a huge social damage.

The Pensioners if something isn’t done, they must continue to get low pensions. The UK Pensioners, typically receive less than 40 per cent of their working wages forms state-organised schemes, (in the Netherlands the figure is 95 pc, and the OECD34, average is 63 pc ) At least 16 million young people & under the age of 43 will be worse off as a result of the new "flat rate" state pension. Mr McLean, a former pension’s adviser to the Government, described the news as a "perfect example" of how young people are being financially disadvantaged. He said: "With rising house prices and lower wages and pensions, they are being hammered from all angles..  Is that fair?.


Reduce the shameful incomes inequality  & children poverty…..

E.g. the wage of Bank CEO, partially taxpayer-owned, is more than £221,154 per week or £45,000 in one day. In just one working day he earns more money than some employees working the whole year. He’s doing every single working day the same job per day as 434 employees or in just 6 hours & 40 minutes working he can earn the average salary of one ordinary person and for the rest of the year on holidays If this Bank CEO, in his house has the electricity cost of £108 per Kw, it’s in proportion the same economic effort than for the ordinary people with the average salary to pay a 16.27 pence per Kw? or if he paid for the petrol at 1900 per gallon ( or 503 per litre) it’s in proportion the same economic effort than for the ordinary people with the average salary to pay the litre of petrol at £4.35 per gallon (£1.15 per litre) The economic effort is the same.  

There aren’t children living in poverty at the European Tax Havens. Is that Fair for 3.5 million children living in poverty in UK? Abolishing the tax havens and tax evasion networks, children poverty will be eradicate from this country.

Be pay for your commute time & cost …..

If the ordinary people do something, they can be paid for their commutes time and without paying the commute fares due to those responsible for this unacceptable situation must pay for the commuters time spends in travelling to and from work and the travelling cost. Those prices and their increase are pushing far away the ordinary people from the central neighbourhoods and every year the distance is bigger due to the prices are increasing artificially the prices in the sector, it’s like the effect of producing a shock wave.
It is not makes sense that the ordinary people must pay for all of this huge speculation problem like it’s happening now, they are not responsible of this and they are paying unfair commute fares and giving commute travel time for free without any economic compensation for their commute time. They are the victims, the ones which are suffering the aftermath of the metropolitan elite housing speculation. Those responsible of this situation must cover the expenses, it’s socially fair.

Be pay for your University time & get free tuitions fees,  .... Why the university students are not been paying for their university time?  Their education is the future of the country. All young people deserve a chance, and irrespective of social or ethnic origin or property status. They don’t deserve to start their professional activity with debts. They deserve the best education for the country's interest, regardless of their status. 


then…Join the campaign Social Evolution  & Let’s do something !!!

            No   More   Monkey   Business  !!  

If you want REAL CHANGE, SENDING  A  REAL BANANA to  the  

& Central Banks  

& Government agency responsible for tax collection (IRS in USA or HMRC in UK ,..)

& Swiss Embassies  ...

& US Senate (if you’re living in USA) or to US media, as the CNN (if you’re overseas)……

Getting tonnes & millions of bananas every day and the day after from all over the countries … do you thing nothing will change?  

Nonetheless if the ordinary people doing nothing, nothing is going to change and everything will remain as it is, indefinitely  


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