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End Gun Violence

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Quite simply stated this country has a love affair with guns. We have a 2nd Amendment and it will never be repealed, so for those who are serious about wanting a see a decrease in the amount of gun violence, there needs to be a practical approach to the problem based on the facts and science. Approaching the problem from an extremist point of view will end in the typical stalemate.

Id like to propose a sensible gun control plan which will save lives. I say that because all too often gun control becomes an attack on gun owners and not the problem. Before I get to the plan I want to remind everyone that in order for any negotiation to be successful both sides need to get something they want. If they don’t a deal will never be reached. Traditionally after a mass shooting groups on the left say to groups on the right we need to lower magazine capacities, close loopholes, institute background checks and ban types of guns. In exchange they offer the right and gun owners nothing. Though well intentioned many pressing for gun reform don’t know anything about guns or the process of purchasing one. This results in ludicrous proposals which do nothing but annoy gun owners and do not save lives. The thing is that some of these things will make virtually no difference in gun control so asking for them is lose lose.

If we want to actually bring about meaningful reduction in gun deaths we need look at the problem statistically and not based on fear and ignorance. First lets start with what will be offered to gun owners. Offering something will put people in a less defensive posture. 1 An end to magazine size restrictions. This is something that gun owners will appreciate. A magazine is just a plastic or metal case with a spring. There are hundreds of millions of pre ban high capacity magazine which are perfectly legal. Gun owners need to keep buying replacement parts for these magazines (which wear out) because they cant buy new magazines due to the restriction on high capacity magazines. Those who became gun owners after the ban and who don’t want to break the law buying high capacity magazines (which you can get anywhere online or another state) have to use 10 round magazines. Whether hunting or at the shooting range these magazines are an inconvenience as they are usually same size casing as a regular magazine with different spring. So you're paying extra for less and you've got to carry more stuff with you. On the flip side magazine capacity makes virtually no difference in gun violence. Studies have shown that each time a shooter changes magazines they readjust their shooting stance and aim. Essentially zeroing themselves in. Each time someone fires they’re slightly more off target as even a good shooter never goes exactly back to zero position. This phenomenon is called muzzle rise. So the more often you change magazines the more accurate your shots are. People think that changing magazines means an opportunity to jump a gunman but even with a beginner gunman this would be almost impossible as there simply isn't enough time. 2 No restriction on automatic weapons. People assume a faster rate of fire means more death. This isn't the case at all for two reasons. One, muzzle rise as previously mentioned, which in the case of automatic weapons is greatly increased due to the lack of time between shots to readjust back to zero position. Two, automatic guns fire so fast that most of the rounds are wasted moving from target to target. Keep in mind that a fully automatic AR15 will fire 60 rounds (a very large magazine size in approximately 5 seconds. A fully loaded individual can carry on them about 600 rounds. At full auto that’s only 50 seconds of shooting. The US military have found full auto to be so ineffective even in combat that they are longer ordering rifles with full auto selection and order semi auto with a 3 round burst selection. Gun owners like full automatic guns because they’re fun to shoot and it makes them feel tough. 3 No more bans of types of guns. Certain types of guns have been demonized by the media but the simple fact is that labeling one gun more or less lethal is just dumb and you cant just them by how they look. The most demonized gun in the US is the AR15 assault rifle when in fact it is responsible for only about 100 deaths annually out of 30k+. Lethality of a firearm comes down to how effective the shooter is. Larger caliber guns have more kickback and are harder to hit their target, especially for shots after the first due to muzzle rise. Larger caliber also means you can hold fewer rounds in a magazine (even without a law prohibiting capacity). I have personally never seen a new shooter able to effectively shoot a .45 and even trained law enforcement have a lot of trouble firing those guns accurately. 4 A constitutional Amendments stating that law abiding gun owners will never have their firearms taken away. This addresses the fear that many Americans have that Obama or some other President is coming to get thier guns. Though unfounded its a fear which drives a lot of the reluctance to agree to any sensible gun reform.

With this proposal you have now made gun owners very happy. You have taken away inconveniences, saved them money and given them access to things they want. At the same time you haven’t increased the danger to the public in any way. In fact I would argue that you have actually lowered it. What you have given a sizable incentive for the regulations that will come with these new privileges.  

1 Annual mental health exam. There were 31,347 gun deaths in the US last year. 55% were suicide, 17,241 people. As this is a real problem admitted by the right it should be taken seriously. Anyone applying to purchase a gun must release their mental health records and pharmacy records. Any person who is on, has been on medication for depression, schizophrenia, bipolar etc is prevented from owning a firearm. Any person the Dr diagnoses as being unfit, are barred from owning a firearm. This should be the same level mental health exam that the FBI gives agents before allowing them to handle a gun and the cost is the responsibility of the owner. If you want a gun, you need to pay for the associated costs. On a side note, those who think that these suicides wouldn’t happen if guns were illegal; you’re wrong. Canada which has some of the strictest gun laws in the world has a higher per capita suicide rate than the US. Their number one method of suicide is hanging at the same percentage of the US for guns and hanging combined. 2 Annual proficiency test. The current multiple choice test to buy a gun in CA is a joke. Ive given the test to a girl who has never seen a gun in real life and she got a perfect score. All those applying to purchase a firearm and continue owning guns must be tested annually. This high level test is for the safety of the community. If someone is unable to shoot proficiently they would lose their license to own a gun and they would be bought back by the government for the amount paid (with a provided receipt) or msrp. For new gun owners or those who don’t pass, they can opt to take class (which they pay for) taught by retired military (providing jobs to servicemen). 3 Universal background checks for all gun purchases and sales. 4 All guns must be brought in to be registered and labeled. Should any firearm not reported stolen the registered owner of the firearm will be charged as an accessory to the crime in which the gun was used in. Straw man purchases, where someone buys dozens of the same type of gun to resell illegally, is one of the biggest problems with illegal gun deaths.

These 4 things address mental illness, address criminals getting guns and address people engaging in the proliferation of illegal guns. The country simply doesn’t do enough to prosecute those gun dealers who break the law. I have reported one particular gun dealer to the ATF, FBI and local law enforcement for illegal gun sales and a host of firearm dealer violations and they have never done anything to these guys. Within the firearms industry its a joke the degree to which laws aren’t enforced. All these things are doable. I don’t know a single gun owner who would have an issue with these rules. In fact most trained gun owners, like me, would be thrilled to have people get the proper training and happily trade the hoops to jump through for the increased privileges.

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