Save Playgrounds

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It's an appeal to save the playgrounds for children across the globe. 

Outdoor sports, and activities are crucial in the physical and mental development of children, and please save your children by protecting existing playgrounds around you.

I wish to save "MANJUNATHA FEILD", a playground which is the only space where our area children used to enjoy cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, athletics etc. And there are nearly 5-7 schools that use this playground for PT( physical training) activities on a daily basis. 

Some dog lovers also bring their pets here for walk, and some innocent stray dogs live here too. Some kids learn cycling in the same playground.

My area BBMP corporator Nandini Vittal, and MLA Mr.Ravi Subramanyam have encroached this playground to construct a park for some 50 Senior citizens ignoring 2000+ children lives, and future. 

Eventually it's about 2000+ school kids, and we cannot steal their beautiful school/childhood/teenage because of sick, selfish, and disgusting old citizens that know very less about environment, health, science, or sports. Once the park is constructed, children will be restricted to play Cricket and football here. Already Volleyball court was snatched.

Please share this petition to teach a lesson to scoundrels and politicians that visit playgrounds to fake selfies despite not knowing how to hold cricket bats, and go back with the intention to grab playgrounds for money.

Finally, India disgusts more because the sports ministers know very less about sports other than corruption, and inefficiency.


Ram Kumar B K


(please help me save Manjunatha Field/Playground, Seeta Circle, next to JHS school, Bangalore)