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Put sanctions on Libya

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Recent pictures and footages coupled with the BBC report on how in this modern day 21st century people are being sold, beaten, stabbed randomly and brutally shot truly shows how cruel Libya is and how modern trend of peoples acceptance of the value of human lives is missing in that country.

For two days now i have not been able to come into terms with why other humans would treat fellow beings as trash and not just molest or sell but stab randomly to inflict severe pain and torture before ones soul and breathe give in.

This is not just something the world has to discuss over and treat with kid gloves but as one that ought to be treated as more than terrorism and an act of reintroducing slavery through our neck with force and fear amindst our bold cry of resistance.


This world is turning into tolerance of evil and allowing coward and evil minds to win instead of minds that cooperate with modern dignity and respect human rights values.

This has become an albatross and how we deal with this can stop others from repeating it or call for vengeance from some people like myself who cant bear the sight of such inhumane, evil and stupid acts that those libyans have engaged in.


The selling of black africans who have fled poverty, war, crime and lack of education to another land hoping to reach a destination where impossibilities are possible, destinations where a certain black african called Barack Obama had not just dream to be educated possible but to rise as the most powerful man on earth archieved.

This visible story of an african icon inspired other people who can be better than Obama and the others who fled africa to europe and later came back to restore hope on our continent has now been met with iron hot evil minds of certain people in Libya and killing not just those dreams but the soul as well.


I am thus as an african and for that matter someone who has also fled africa to meet my dreams calling on all world leaders, especially African union, Barack Obama, the black lives matter group, european union and the union to stamp their authority on sanctioning Libya and bringing perpertrators to justice.

The souls of those inhumanely killed can never forgive any of us if we keep our lips shut just because our family members arent part or we are not africans.

Posterity will never forgive us and we risk ruining the world with vengeance and retaliations if we all sleep over this.

Our leaders should not be too much into the worship of mediocrity and enjoyment of executive comfort but rise to occassions where their right sense as leaders overpower such acts of stupidity and evil perpertrated by these people and their evil groups like ISIS, BOKO HARRAM and ISHABAB.

Let us all know that world peace isnt attainable until we find peace for souls that cant rest but seeking vengeance.

Thank you.

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