Safer and More Effective Lockdown Procedure for SHS

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We, the undersigned, propose the objective of creating a more effective and secure lockdown system in an effort to create a safer school environment. Currently, Souhegan High School is exercising what is known as the “hiding and hoping” lockdown procedure. This approach entails students to find the nearest classroom or form of protection, lock the doors, turn off the lights, lower the shades and hide in a spot away from all points of entry.

Souhegan’s system has proven to be ineffective in many schools across the nation and could one day be a threat to our school. Two well known examples that verify this system to be defective are Parkland, Florida (14 students and 6 adults died) and Sandy Hook Elementary (20 students and 6 adults died.)

The results of these school shootings have caused realization among students like ourselves that a change must occur. In the event of an active shooter, every student and faculty member must be prepared for any possible situation. Two very effective lockdown systems are ADD (Avoid Deny Defend) and ALICE (Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate.) Each of these systems avoids passiveness and promotes self defense. Angela Almeida, who writes for The Atlantic, a credible magazine, states that more than half of the incidents of shootings in 2000 and 2010 found that the shooter targeted individuals who froze in place or played dead. This reveals that students and teachers need to be educated enough to react appropriately in this situation. Souhegan High School has always been exceptional in every aspect of education, so why fall behind in safety? The future safety of Souhegan students lies in your hands.

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