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Replace Confederate Monument in Portsmouth with Statue of Reza Bassiri

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We believe that it is finally time to replace the Confederate Monument in Olde Towne Portsmouth, Virginia with a person who holds great integrity and has contributed greatly to our community. Born on February 10, 2000 Reza Bassiri was born in Valencia California to lead a life of passion, ethics, and community service. 

Reza is a frequent Volunteer at Valley Presbyterian Hospital where patients such as 17 year old Sammy Casey have described him as "Charismatic. That's certainly a word to describe him. He goes above and beyond in whatever he does. Whether that be greeting patients or cleaning tables at the hospital. He's the most popular guy here, all the ladies love him." Mr. Bassiri not only represents community service, but also is the actualization of the American Dream. 

Reza Bassiri, an admirable man of Persian descent, is a first generation employee at the natural and organic grocery store Sprouts. Mr. Bassiri is a 19 time employee of the month at the Valencia location despite only working there for 5 months. "He has been the light in our community. He's a team leader and visionary for the company" says Sprouts CEO  Amin N. Maredia. Certainly a person of great community contribution and hard work is deserving of his own monument. 

Mr. Bassiri is a sort of modern day Renaissance Man. For those unfamiliar, a Renaissance Man is one who seems to be skilled in many regions of life. A devoted writer and avid church goer, Bassiri is known for his series of religious sonnets entitled "At Peace With God" in which he details the intricacies of life, atrocities, and the complexities of the Iranian government. Mr. Bassiri is also a 5 time Ametuer Billiards League Champion beating out the famed Nicholas Delgado for the covenant 2017 Championship. In the ABL, Reza has also attained 3 MVPS in 2013, 2016, and 2017. Among his many other talents, Reza is a chess prodigy. At the age of only 7 he was able to checkmate a grandmaster chess engine in 17 moves with his famed "Bassiri Blitz" style. Today Mr. Bassiri (ranked 2985) has an impressive lists of defeats including checkmating Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakumura, and Bobby Fischer. 

As you can see, a model citizen such as Mr. Reza Bassiri is certainly deserving of a grand statue of himself. Help us and help the community of Portsmouth, Virginia erect a statue of a person who represents integrity, hard work, and success. 

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