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Recognize A Future Democratic Leader

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America, we have a problem.

The Democratic Party is broken.  Some say we have been humiliated.

We have a political system that is filled with older US Representatives and Senators that wield no power nor abilities to fight the President, much less defeat anything he or the Republicans put forth.  It is time to find, recognize and support the new generation of democratic leadership.

There is only one problem:  New candidates have a very challenging time defeating the incumbent democrats.   Imagine that there is a wonderful experienced and fresh candidate that would make a great leader; they have a difficult albeit impossible time beating and incumbent with the name recognition, financing and staff that is employed by a sitting member of Congress.  

Here is the solution: Young democratic leadership must be assisted by those such as President Obama, President Bill Clinton, Secretary Hillary Clinton and even Senator Bernie Sanders. Their endorsements can assist the new candidates so they can proceed past the primary elections.  Without these types of endorsements, the new candidates will be forced to take campaign donations from corporations, make promises they don't believe and may very well never run for office at all.  

The election of 2018 will be the most important in American history.  If the democrats cannot take back the House or the Senate, the President will again have uncheck power.  This continues a dangerous situation for America, and the world.

We must identify new democratic leaders BEFORE the primary elections in March of 2018.  These new candidates must be fully endorsed and coached by past presidents and the exceptional leaders in this nation.  President Obama stated that his new mission was to assist the new generation of democratic leadership.  The time is now. This is the change we need.   

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