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Rebuke Russia's Treatment of the LGBT Community

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On June 30th Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law fighting the spread of pro-gay “propaganda” to Russian minors. Publicly supporting homosexuality, coming out as gay, or holding hands with a same-sex partner - in any way equating homosexuality as acceptable - will result in heavy fines and jailing. The law’s assumptive goal goes beyond separating homosexual and heterosexual relationships; it erases the traces of the LGBT community. In a country bearing the scars of violence against the gay community, the government is jumping on board.

The United States faced international pressure for our violence and mistreatment of racial minorities in the mid-20th century, and suffered embarrassment after the murder of Matthew Shepard in 1998; the weight of international opinion coupled with massive sacrifices by activists resulted in progress here. I believe progress can be made in Russia.

The United States can start that pressure.

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