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Racism an unfair justice

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My son is a 21 year old young man that is being wrongly convicted here in Alabama due to being in the wrong place at the wrong while a racist fight took place An right before election time for the city council members to be picked alone with the mayors of this town.Before this altercation took place this night the students at this school had already been having problems with racism that whole month between the blacks An white where threats were made to shoot the school An the kids from other students.It was the black kids against the white kids because of what was going on with the election with Hilary Clinton An Donald Trump.So they ended up putting the school on lock down due to some kid both weapon because the feared for there life due to the threats.But to make a long story short my son was hangi out at the local restaurant with some of the kids that attended that school An some prior graduated An some of the white kids that were involved in that mess at the school walked over to these black kids An a fight broke outA well more like an altercation then the white kid ran once they realize they were out number by those black kids so half of the white kids ran off An let this one white kid.So this kid end up getting the worst part of the deal because his friends ran off An left him.Well they kind of beat him up bad An he ended up having to go to the hospital An being air lifted but we later found out that it was all at the mothers request.But the media got involved An first said that 60 jumped him then said 40 then 30 then 25 then only arrested four An out of that four one was my son that stood there An watched never touching this kid.To make a long story short the kids that jumped this young man had sisters that attended this school An half of them attended school with this young man they were basket ball players or there older brother an sisters made Sylacauga  look great by there accomplishments that they made there at that school An while off at college.But any way my son never went to this school.The kids at this school has always been his revivals so Helene them but he wasn't close to really but one of them.So those cops there in Sylacauga took statements from kids later found out the kids say they didn't write the statement against my son or the other boy.Found out the police wrote the statement that the kids supposedly wrote.The young men that were really involved didn't get charged they charged my son one change of the other kids that were involved to remain free but they had to come An testified that they witnessed my son beating this kid in the head with a gun but no one could say why he would do this beside he was angry about what was taking place at the school An like I told the why would he care about that school when he never attended  Sylacauga An couldn't have benefited at all by beat this kid up.But the ones that did,did benefit from it cause they have sisters that were An are still in school there.So again like I said they put everything on my son to keep those kids from looking bad An to keep there parents for looking bad because one kid is the city council son that was involved An some of the people in the town were angry An wanted her seat the other 25 that my son said that were stumping this kid has never been arrest of even tried to find out who they were because they were the basketball team An they didn't want that to come out because it was time for basketball season An the school normally goes to the play off durn basketball season An some of there key players were involved An they didn't want that to get out because it would hurt the city of Sylacauga An the school name even more for what had already been going on An the media coming down to cover That racism was going on in this small town against the black kids An white kids at a high school.So they came an arrested My son never came or called to ask us to. Ring him down for questioning like they did the other kids.They never questioned him until they went An arrested him at college in front of everyone they searched his car An his apartment An didn't find anything. While they had home in custody that's when they wanted to question him An he advised them that he wanted his attorney so he said they left out .We bonded them out the same day An waited for the Pull limitary hearing but they kept putting them off after putting them off three times times they send a letter saying that they had Indicted the case on to the grand juror an added another charge on my son An the other three boys which was assault 1-2.So we went to trial none of the witness for the state could identify my son they said he had long dread that hung below his chin An that wasn't my son he never had dreads or long hair,One witness said that he didn't know what was on his report because he didn't write it or read it.My son attorney asked him well if you didn't write it who did An he advised us that the police did.Come to find out the police wrote several of those kids statements.The young man said I just signed it without reading it.So the next witness started using bad language because he couldn't remember his lie An was getting caught up in it so my son Attorney told the young man to please apologize to the judge for his language..The young man himself took the stand first An said that he didn't go to Sonic An that he didn't or couldn't remember anything but there were somethings that he could remember about that night but some were fading in An out.but his girl friend said that they did go to sonic An they all went so that Brian could us the rest room An on the way back that's when a bunch of black started flowing them An the altercation started.Right before my son trial started one of the jurors came forward An said that she neglected to tell them while picking the juror that she had a similar situation like this to happen to her daughter with a black man. It she hope that they wouldn't hold that against her because she could be fair An she wasn't.She was one of the two that wanted my son found guilty of both charges even when the people of the juror told us that none of the evidence pointed towards my son.My attorney declined that she stay on the juror panel An the judge over ruled it An left her on there even though they had an alternative juror.Also my son had a juror pool of people from 35-70 none of his peers An also by this been a high profile racist case they should have had more blacks on there than one.Hehad 11 white An one black An this was a case about racism where fourblackboys were supposed to have beaten a little white boy to death because he said back the blue.They completely change everything to make this story to be like they wanted it to railroad my son.But while the jurors where deliberating they deadlock the case well the judge sent them back in An told them that it was there place to go back in there An either come out with a guilty verdict or not guilty but they would stay they as long as they need but he need to have this case wrapped up by Wednesday An over with.So that's when the jurors said due to the two old lady would give in that's why they went with the second degree because one of the old ladies out of the two made the comments he want get anything but probation An they said they were ready to go so they went with dropping the first An going with the second because these older lady's wouldn't give in other wise I.But the second consist of stumping An kicking something that none said he done.But he was still charged for it.They attorney asked for this case to be dropped due to the evidence didn't point towards my son An thy the case needed to be threw out but King the judge over ruled An sentenced my son to six years of prison time when my son has never been in any trouble.Even though he beat the 1 degree gun charge the judge which is Julian King went back An still charged my son with the gun charge even when he beat Iran I don't think that's fair An I don't feel nothing that this judge,or any them that were involved in this case did anything fairly about this case.They put everything on my son An have completely let the other vanished from clear site.They have statements where kids are identify another kid with the gun An what kind of gun it was they didn't arrest this kid nor did this kid go to trial because his cousin works for the board of education.All the other kids that are involved parents work for the city so that's why they didn't want that to come out about there kids doing this making the school An the city looking bad because of the titles there parents holds in this  city.My son have not been treated fairly these people have done any An everything in there power to hurt An railroad my son.We can't get any justice period we have been harassed constantly house been shot at mail box being knocked down cars riding by hollaing the word Fuck y'all Niggas people in our inboxes even this boy An his mother start harassing people threatening them to what they'll do to them if the mentio her name again trying to make him look bad.The police wouldn't do anything all they did was give us reports An say we'll call us An don't do anything unless you really have to.We have statements where a couple of these people threaten that if justice wasn't gotten for this young man An his family that they would find all four of these young men hanging from the tree the day after wards.They even threaten to kill my grand baby.They went An filed false police reports against me An had me arrest saying I threaten them the judge threw it out.They were harassing anyone that eyes to tell the truth about what happen An who were involved.An most of all of them are affiliated with the league of the south which is linked to David Duke that's helping Donald Trump.The mans name is Lloyd Capeton An the Chiefs of police his wife's An daughters An son are al friends with this man.There talking about these nigga an all kinds of hanging An lenching These kids An these were grown people.They even threaten if the judge didn't give this family justice that they would release some information that could hurt a lot of people in Talladega County.Next thing we know everything went side ways An the judge was trying to send my son to jail for life It seemed.So that's why I need  help because we are appealing this case to help get justice for my son An to make sure that this never happens to anyone else An to make sure that people that commit crimes be punished An not innocent people An that these judges needs to do thing fairly or they need to step down why ruin an innocent young mans life behind not wanting a city An a school to look racist in order to keep covering up a lie An what's been going on here for a while now with the same old people.This is a way to stay in control An to show anyone that try's to come up against them that we have the power to take you all the way down if you don't let me do thing how I want them did not how the laws says do them.Because that what happened here the did what they wanted to do with my son An his case.They made there own law An rules unless they be stopped.Thers probably so many people that's been falsely jailed Or wrongly convicted under this ame judge of this same system.Short after this a police killed a black man in Sylacauga by Tazing him to much.Sylacauga Pd  an Talladega County Cory house needs to be investigated severally An the DA there also that's why he stepped down from the case in the middle of it An brought in an assist DA.Please help me this is my last chance to get justice for my son because they are trying to railroad my son for there own selfish purposes.Then this lady is asking us for $200.00 thousand dollars.Sincerly please help me get Talladega County investigated An Sylacauga Police department mainly the Chief An the investagators for the city.An to also look in these school system Sylacauga High an B B. comer.My sons name is Quartez Walker he was a student At Stillamn  College going in the field of crime justices An the same state he wanted to protect tryed to railroad him an tsend him to jail For a very long time over lies An having a problem with me because I wouldn't jut sit back An let them rail road my son for something he didn't do when they know who did it An who all was involved.Please Please help us.God bless An thanks everyone.I Amy need to say this just in case some didn't understand this young man Brian which is the kid the supposed to have beat was An is using the word freely nigga.He An his mother are on W IAT to where he's saying the word An his mother begins to laugh after she said she never heard him say it in how whole life then the news man busted him with a video where he was smoking a cigarette An saying What up nigga .The same thing that case all this mess in the first place at the school An after that Home coming game. he went to fight because we have several statements where the kids said he asked them did they have his back if something happens so they went to fight An went looking for trouble because they went up to sonic where these black kids were hanging out at after the game.something that they have always done.But due to this group of kids that had been creating trouble all month at school wbout black lives matter.But the city changed Iran said it was about he said. Ack the blue An that's why they jumped on him.All that that the police did An said was completely lies An made up to just make this lady an her son look good An to get money because people contributed amost10,000  to these.Theres son much more that I would love to explain to someone.But anything you could do would be greatly appreciated so this will never happen to anyone else Be bless

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