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President Obama to issue an order to stop deportation of DREAM Act youth.

"President Obama has always been a strong supporter of the DREAM Act and undocumented students wishing to continue their education in the United States. Yet, the immigrant community has continued to see the number of deportations increase each year and undocumented immigrants, including DREAM Act students, be separated from the only country they know. As such, President Obama must use his power to halt the deportation of DREAM Act students.
President Obama tried his best to stop the deportation of hard-working immigrants by providing Prosecutorial Discretion for “low-priority” cases, including cases involving undocumented youth. Despite the President’s best efforts, there are still countless DREAMers being deported each day. It is time for President Obama to do the responsible thing and recognize that Prosecutorial Discretion is not working and use his power to grant an executive order stopping the deportation of DREAM Act eligible youth.
Dylan Quiroga, an undocumented youth from Maryland, was recently deported despite meeting many of the factors set forth in the Morton Memo. In a letter to President Obama, Dylan’s girlfriend stated “[President Obama] promised reform, and we need you to follow through. No more waiting. Though it's too late for Dylan, there are countless more that are deserving of your supposed prosecutorial "discretion."

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