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President Obama: Protect undocumented workers before you leave office

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During his presidency, President Obama took steps to protect undocumented young people in the United States. But while his DACA program protected hundreds of thousands, he continued to deport millions and now president-elect Trump is threatening to deport even more.

 Most of those being threatened by a Trump presidency are workers whose only “crime” is to work to support their families. Join us in demanding that President Obama take action to protect them before Trump becomes president.

There is one thing President Obama can do to stop this humanitarian disaster: issue a Decree for General Pardon. We, a coalition of organizations representing undocumented workers, are demanding that the Obama administration do this to shield all of the 11 million undocumented people in the United States from criminalization, detention, and deportation.

Deporting 11 million human beings will not only irreversibly damage the economy of this country, it will break the social fabric, community life and the trust of society in its institutions. Destroying our right to live in peace and civility does not open doors to the construction of a society like the one you helped create and strengthen.

We are asking President Obama to take a bold, creative, and humane political measure to protect families and help consolidate the national economy by issuing a Decree for General Pardon of Infraction of Immigration Status before he leaves office. This should include all undocumented workers.

Sign to support undocumented workers and ask President Obama to pardon their immigration infractions.


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