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Pardon Ross Ulbricht

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Ross Ulbricht has been sentenced to life without parole for five non-violent counts. It is a harsher sentence than is typically given to murderers, rapists and child pornographers.

The many injustices about this sentence include:

  • Ross was convicted in an unfair trial that precluded evidence, blocked defense witnesses and hamstrung cross examination.
  • Corrupt federal investigators not only stole a million dollars, but had high level administrative access to the Silk Road site with the ability to change passwords, commandeer accounts and take on identities. This information was precluded from trial. 
  • There are important, unanswered constitutional questions about how, without a warrant, the U.S. government discovered and gained access to Silk Road servers. 
  • The sentence is political, using Ross as an example to bolster the U.S. Government’s War on Drugs. Although it hasn’t stopped - or even lessened - drug use, the Drug War has ruined lives, torn apart communities, and destroyed countries. The winners have been drug cartels and the prison industrial complex. Ross Ulbricht should not have his entire life taken away for a cause that is counterproductive, futile and waning.

The sentence of life in prison without parole is cruel and extreme. The motivations behind it are deeply misguided. They have caused more suffering and devastation than Ross, or any website, ever did or could.

Please pardon Ross Ulbricht.

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