pardon commutations of inappropriate sentencing

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In 2013 My Son John Robert Davis was sentenced 25 years in prison. My Nephew Rufus Deon Wilson was sentence to life in prison.  My son and nephew was not predisposed to any criminal act they were really trying to get their life on tract. My son John R Davis lost one job because of his record, but he did not let that stop him.  He acquired another job taking care of a senior. My nephew was dealing with the death of his son at the time the government approached them. 

The ATF come to the inner cities, poor, deprive communities, neighborhoods and target our young men and women who they know have had past records. The ATF engaged in a campaign of fabricated sting operations in which individuals were enticed to participate in gun and drug related crimes against entirely fictitious stash house targets for which they were then arrested and convicted. The "made up" crimes were in fact entirely the creation of ATF. Two Federal judges have declared these sting operations as unconstitutional.  These sting operations charges carry severe sentences (typically 25 years or more) and are likely to cause grave unfairness and miscarriage of justice. 

A U.S.A. Today investigation in 2013 showed that over 1000 individuals have been incarcerated for lengthy periods since 2011 for such "fake" crimes, and that the strategy has become a "key part" of the Bureau's strategy. ATF officials stated that the strategy preemptively targeted people likely to commit serious crime rather than waiting for them to do so; opponents and critics, and later, judges, expressed concerns that it was tantamount to entrapment and punishing people for thoughts and possibilities rather than actual criminal acts, by presenting them with deliberately hard to resist fabricated inducements and goading them to become a participant, or to engage in more extreme criminal activities, up to an extent chosen  completely by ATF. The ATF did this very thing to my son and nephew. They created fictitious stash house robbery; Which there were no drugs or houses.  These fictitious crimes would not exist had not the government created it.

            Mr. President I am begging you to stop these unlawful convictions, and abolish the fictitious stash house set ups by the ATF AGENCIES.  Mr. President our family is asking you to close their case down, and any like it; and give each individual maximum 5 years for the firearms offense, despite the fact the government furnished those weapons to them. Mr. president please pardon this entrapment case no.2:13-CR-20369. I ask you to us the powers we have invested in you.  While incarcerated my son and nephew were working.

Mr. President I am 65 years, disabled with eye sight problems and live alone. This will change my life forever and the thought not being with my son and nephew breaks my and my family’s heart.  Twenty-Five years and life sentences, this time don`t fit the crime, I might not be here, this is just too long for me and their children, and grandchildren. Some grandchildren Robert R Davis has never seen. We all need both of them. I pray you hear the beat of my heart. It took me hours into the am to compose this letter and express our love for them.



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