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President Barack Obama,members of Republican and Democrat parties.: STOP PLAN MERIDA/ MEXICO NOW/PAREN PLAN MERIDA

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“No assistance should be furnished… to any unit of the security forces of a foreign country if the secretary of state has credible information that such unit has committed a gross violation of human rights” –

The Merida Initiative, also known as Plan
Mexico, was defined by former President George W. Bush as a “new security cooperation initiative” between Mexico and the United States to combat drug trafficking and organized crime. While the stated
goals of the Merida Initiative are to “produce a safer and more secure
hemisphere and prevent the entry and spread of illicit drugs and transnational threats,” the reality and repercussions of the initiative for the Mexican people are not as promising.

As originally envisioned by former President Bush, the Merida Initiative/Plan Mexico would allocate $1.4 billion to Mexico over two to three years, a tenfold increase in U.S. military and police aid to Mexico over 2007 levels. Actually it has reached almost 3 billion dollars and president Obama has said he plans to continue the project “indefinitely.”

The Merida Initiative ignores two major root causes of drug trafficking: U.S. demand and poverty in Mexico.

Widespread drug use in the U.S. makes drug trafficking highly lucrative for organized crime. In Mexico, where 50 million people live in poverty and minimum wage is approximately 5 dollars per day and many (perhaps most) people don't even make that, it is little wonder that organized crime and drug traffickers find easy prey amongst Mexico’s poor.

U.S.-designed trade policies, such as NAFTA,
perpetuate poverty. Deeply impoverished and unemployed people in Mexico have only three options for survival: migration,
tenuous and often dangerous work in the informal economy, and crime—which may include drug-running. As long as U.S.
policies generate poverty and unemployment, our government will be working at odds with its own counter-narcotics initiatives

Not one penny of Plan Mexico money is dedicated toward drug prevention or rehabilitation programs in the U.S., essential to efforts to reduce demand for drugs in the U.S.

The Merida Initiative affects all Mexican people by threatening their human rights.

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