Mandate that all civilian killed by law enforcement officers be reported to and tracked by the FBI

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Currently, a wide variety of crime statistics are gathered by law enforcement officials every year, and reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. These statistics allow us to see patterns in various crimes and evaluate the effectiveness of our crime prevention measures.

Currently there is no requirement to report deaths of civilians at the hands of law enforcement officers. As a result, it is impossible to even know how many civilians have been killed each year by law enforcement officers, much less any further analysis by comparing different cities or states, or analyzing the racial or gender composition of the persons killed, or whether the killing was found to be justified.

This data would have, for example, been able to assist in determining whether the increase in the supply of military-style hardware and training by the federal government to local law enforcement agencies has correlated with an increase in deaths at the hands of police, or whether this is merely a perception created by media coverage.

Obtaining good, factual data, is the first step in a meaningful discussion of this important area of public policy.

We ask that the FBI be mandated to collect statistics on use of force by law enforcement agencies resulting in death, including the weapon or other mechanism of death, the law enforcement agency, the race, age, and gender of the deceased civilian, and whether the use of force was determined to be justified. To ensure data is reported completely, federal funding of law enforcement should be conditioned on law enforcement agencies providing this statistical data.

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