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Make Donald Trump a Vocaloid

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Donald Trump has been president for too long and if you sign this petition he will become a Vocaloid, at least that's what we aim to do. By making him an official Vocaloid we will have peace in our hearts and souls and everything will be okay I feel I'm drunk but I'm not actually sober. This is truly a form of art.

Now you would think that I'm joking, but I'm not, the idea of Donald Trump becoming a Vocaloid would help weebs everywhere stop jacking it to songs sung by trump because they would think of his face and be disgusted. Imagine all of the problems this could solve! Making Donald Trump a Vocaloid would not only stop weebs from reproducing because they would get blue balls before they would finish off, it would also make Donald Trump even more of a joke, further comedians and opening doors to new possibilities. For Trump supporters, they could listen to his music and feel good on the inside, and for Trump non-supporters, they could riot and fuck around with his voice, creating hate-fueled songs about wars that are to come and battles they have yet to be won.

Are you into creating everything you touch gay? Touch the Trump Vocaloid, maybe even add in Bernie Sanders! 

Are you into memes? Make them with Trump Vocaloid!

Are you into making people straight? Make him straight!

With Trump as an official Vocaloid, the opportunities are endless! 

Please sign if you support these ideas!

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