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Barack Obama: Legalize Gay Marriage Federally Now

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Barack Obama has been reelected President of the United States of America, and he is our fighting voice for real civil equality! With unified representation of millions of gay Americans, and millions more who support them, and the millions more who are positively affected by true equality, love and understanding - Barack Obama, his administration and supporting Senators and House Representatives can define the future of this great country, and federally legalize gay marriage.

Gay men and women are now a strong, unified voice and vital contributor to American society. Gay men and women own and support great businesses and jobs, which in turn build a great economy. Gay men and women create loving families, with educated and compassionate children. Gay men and women love, deserve to be loved, and want to love the person they want to marry. These American people, with the right to legally marry under Federal Law, will finally be protected and awarded the rights currently enjoyed by a majority of Americans.

With support growing state by state, Barack Obama must continuously petition relevant entities within Federal and State Governments of the United States, work vigorously to repeal The Defense of Marriage Act, and place America as a leader once again as the protector of Human and Civil Rights for all.

Why now? Barack Obama has been reelected for a second term in his Presidency and no longer must appeal to secondary influencers who do not support equality. The President must start this fight for equality now, early in his term, so that he can continue to defend it and prevent devastating anti-gay attacks after his Presidency. We can together urge Barack Obama to be humanity's full representative and forever be remembered as an American President who propelled this country towards true freedom and equality.

Join together to ask our President to petition for the civil rights deserved to all American people, and make this fight a priority early on in his second term so that he will have time to defend his bold and brave stance.

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