Keep Jan at EAVIA

¡Esta petición logró su objetivo con el apoyo de 11 personas!

Due to hurricane Maria, the Acevedo family will be relocating to Florida in an attempt to guarantee a better future for their children. This endeavor will result in Jan Soto leaving his current school, EAVIA in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Jan is a very talented student, academically and socially. Jan Soto has proven to be a fantastic leader, as the founder of EAVIA's Christian Youth group. He is a beacon of light for his fellow classmates and teachers. Losing Jan Soto will cause the school community's morale to decrease. With this petition we hope the family matriarch will reconsider and allow Jan to stay.

Hoy: Jan cuenta con tu ayuda

Jan Soto necesita tu ayuda con esta petición «Barack Obama: Keep Jan at EAVIA». Súmate a Jan y 10 persona que han firmado hoy.