I want humans to stop the development of science if it's harming the earth.

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I don't know if this will be ever read by anyone or not but still I'm going to write this with all my heart. I want to ask the leaders of the world to stop developing science if it's destroying earth, earth is home to every living being.it's the responsibility of every human to sustain the earth. No one, not a single human will live long enough to witness the devastation they are making. The future will suffer. Manufacturing arms, weapons, nuclear weapons etc should be stopped. We are launching satellite to learn about what......"the end".not a single person has the authority to pollute the air, water and then make air and water purifiers,.....no it's not right.We make rich and poor, right ..can I ask who gave us the permission to do so? But according to me every living creature should have an absolute equal share of the earth. I hope we change before it's too late ...cuz everything we do, love, like on this earth subsides with our death.....nothing lasts always and forever