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Honoring our Vietnam veterans by acknowledging an act of treason

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In 2013 a new release of President Richard Nixon's presidential papers revealed that as the 1968 Republican Presidential candidate, Nixon had engaged in an act that many would consider treason. He had sent an envoy to the Paris Peace conference (which was about to sign a cease-fire agreement to end US involvement in Vietnam) in order to persuade the South Vietnamese to reject the agreement because they would get a 'better deal' should Nixon be elected. This action was a violation of the 1799 Logan Act, which forbade private citizens from interfering with negotiations with a foreign nation. An additional 21,400 Americans died in the conflict in the years that followed. It is time to acknowledge this act of treachery and amend our understanding of the factors that drove the 1968 and 1972 election. We ask that all future official histories of the period acknowledge this event, and that the publishers of educational material amend their offerings to let the young people of our country know of this event. Finally, we ask that the many memorials to the fallen of the Vietnam era bear some mention of this dark moment in American history.

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