Support The Debate: Yesterday's America vs God's Future

Support The Debate: Yesterday's America vs God's Future

September 30, 2015
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Started by la resa edwards

Please, do not Navigate from This page Without exercising your Only Real Right

Support Peacemaker Debate: Yesterday’s America vs God’s Future

My name Is La Resa Edwards. I Guarantee. I AM The Messiah. For Confusion, Messiah is The Only One frequenting Yesterday’s World From God’s Future. For Doubt, up to $110,000,000 USD Exist for anyone Proving. La Resa Edwards is not Messiah. Until then, yesterday’s Average Hopelessly Lost Citizen Most Challenging Task was, Is and always will Be Fact Acceptance.

Fact Is.

0)    God’s Future (tomorrow) Is Real

1)    The Path to God’s Future is Fact or Number Based

2)    Fact doesn’t Change

La Resa Edwards Is Sworn Peacemaker. Only Peacemaker is Fit to Lead God’s Flock.

Number Reveal. Most Opinion Hold Numeric Flaw. America’s Infrastructure Is Mostly Opinion Supported. American Progression Remains ASS Backward.  The Only Problem Is. Backward Forward [Motion] Is Impossible. For This Reason, Most Fact Remain God’s Future Ground Zero. In limited Language, This Mean. Because Most Opinion Hold no Number Support. Mostly Negative Circumstance (Chaos) Is End Result. For God’s Future Record, any Cause or Entity Mostly Chaotic Is Satanic. Period! Yesterday’s Average Hopelessly Lost Citizen must Number Comprehend. Any Leader Voluntarily Choosing Opinion over Fact Is Exposed Devil Worshipper. Devil Worshipping Leader Remain Unfit. If you Truly Love America and Support Opinionated Governing Ideology,

Force God’s Future Debate: Backward Progression vs Forward Motion

How can 1 Be Positive?

0)    La Resa Edwards is The Messiah

1)    La Resa Edwards Holds Physical Ascension Proof

2)    La Resa Edwards Calculates God’s Number Reason Greater Than any Subsequent Human Other

La Resa Edwards Is God’s Mercy. Comprehend. With Number In Full Support, Humanity Faces Extinction With Small Ascension Chance. This Mean. Any Puny Human taking Precious time for Granted Miscalculate God. La Resa Guarantees. God Is not Nice. However, God shows Mercy With La Resa as Physical Ascension Proof. Continuous tomorrow is The Only Path to God’s Future. [And] Continuous Public Refusal of God’s Freely Given Mercy Remains Most Costly.

Demand Tomorrow’s Debate: Extinction vs Ascension

Know for Fact.

No Matter which Side you Voluntarily Choose. By Signing This Petition, you Support God’s Future. [And]  Number Reveal. Satan’s Minion Option Is Small: Immediately Submit to Peacemaker Leader, Face God’s Chosen In Public Debate or Voluntarily Step Down.

For God Future Record,

0)    This Is Hostile Peacemaker Takeover

1)    The Messiah Remains Without Challenge since 07042012 12 AM EST

2)    Today Is Most Precious Puny Human timeplace

Number Comprehend.

0)     If you do not Support La Resa Edwards, you Support Satan’s Minion

1)     ‘Hell Road is Paved With Good intention’

2)     Trust no Word Outside God’s Number

Number Reason I Run Circle around you, Reveal. I AM Back From God’s Future.

Petition Closed

This petition had 5 supporters

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