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Petition Update December 27th

Hello Everyone. Seasonal Greetings! Just a few lines to say thank you for supporting out petition to free the remaining imprisoned Black Panthers. We still feel that the best chance of securing their release lies with the President, Barack Obama. There is not a lot of time left. The last day of the current presidency is Thursday 19th January. If you could help us share the petition, send it to the media in your area that would be great. Lets do what we can. Here is a quote from Sekou Odinga, freed from prison in 2014 after 30 years in prison - “Tell them how we just wanted our people to be safe. Tell them how we fed our children. Tell them how we opened the first-ever free health clinic in America and that it was in the Bronx. Tell them we stood with mothers who were being harassed at welfare offices. And yes, tell them we fought police, but tell them we did it to defend ourselves because what we, a bunch of 20-year-old kids did, exposed what the government with billions of dollars refused to do. And they couldn’t take that. Ultimately, that’s what made us political prisoners. That’s why we were targeted. That’s why we were killed.” -Sekou Odinga (Black Panther Party) writing to Asha Bandele Thanks, Deyika and Tanzil

Deyika Nzeribe
4 years ago