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Equal Rights to be heard by the chronic pain community.

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While Dr. Sanjay Gupta's petition makes a lot of sense in regards to teens experimenting with prescription pain medication and possibly overdosing. It says nothing about the people who actually need opiates to live life with a degree of relief. It also does not mention the amount of chronic pain sufferers who have committed suicide due to not being able to receive their pain medication or are under medicated due to government restrictions. The suicide number is substantially higher than the accidental overdoses of people every year and that's the real epidemic. Also the fact that a majority of these overdose deaths were in fact suicide because of pain. There are several different groups on Facebook who are attempting to get their voices heard by the public and government officials. We are being ignored due to the negative propaganda spude by people like Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and agencies like the CDC, FDA and DEA. We all agree with practicing safe prescribing of prescription opiates by doctors, we also believe that there is a problem gripping our youth that needs to be addressed. But those of us who suffer crippling pain every day want to be heard and acknowledged by the President and the people. Our goal is to deliver a public service message to the masses regarding the need for opiate medications by chronic pain sufferers, while at the same time informing the public of the dangers of use without a prescription. We wish to help those who suffer from addiction by encouraging them to seek help from addiction centers and support groups. So please Mr. President, help us help the government educate our Nation's youth on the issues that plague our country.

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