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End Religious Child Abuse

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I would first like to begin with stating the fact that I would like to end religious child abuse worldwide, and I sincerely hope that organisations such as Unicef, Human Rights Watch, the United Nations, Amnesty International, and more can become involved in order to end the brutality that is effecting children. This petition is geared towards President Barack Obama to end religious abuse that is being done to American children at home and abroad, and to immigrant (legal or illegal) children living within the United States or its territories (ie Guam), only because organisations such as Unicef didn't have a direct email link to paste into this petition. Also, within the United States I would like this petition to reach the attention of the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Pediatrics Association.

This petition will look more closely at religious abuse within the United States, but again I sincerely hope investigations can be made globally in order to swiftly eradicate religious abuse anywhere. I would like people to support this petition so that we can eliminate physical, ritual, and psychological abuse of children under the name of any religion.

1. Circumcision.

Within the United States female circumcision is illegal and carries severe prosecution for those who forcibly circumcise their daughters. The mutilation of boys is not protected whatsoever by law in the United States. Fortunately, there has been a drop from a near 66% in 1979 (some say higher) to 58% in 2010 and down to 40% in 2014, with some regions of the States having much lower rates of circumcision.

Circumcision, called Brit Milah in Judaism, is a common practice in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity and more common amongst Muslim and Jewish families. The Torah indicates a drop of blood was taken from the child's penis, not ripping apart the entire foreskin, which what has been done for decades. Nevertheless, an ancient book with ancient practices cannot and should not overtake the well-being of an infant who cannot speak for himself.

Circumcision is a brutal and psychologically dangerous procedure, and has caused deaths even in the best of circumstances in the best of hospitals within the United States and other countries. Some boys, such as Aborigine boys of Australia and tribal African boys, are circumcised with rudimentary materials in very unhygienic procedures all in the name of religion from the ages of seven to fifteen. Sons of Muslims in Turkey are circumcised at the age of three. These boys are old enough to remember the trauma, including the three year olds. Even for newborn boys, circumcision can be tramautic rewiring the brain. The human brain remembers circumcision, as it does any trauma.

Circumcision is not a medically necessary practice. It does not make for a healthier penis and it does not prevent HIV or an STI. Leaving the foreskin on does not cause infections and it is easy to clean an intact penis, and easy to teach a son how to clean himself when he's potty training.

Circumcision is not just a tiny cut at the end of the penis to remove the foreskin. Surgical removal of the foreskin involves immobilizing the baby by strapping him face-up onto a molded plastic board. In one common method, the doctor then inserts a metal instrument under the foreskin to forcibly separate it from the glans, slits the foreskin, and inserts a circumcision device. The foreskin is crushed and then cut off. The amount of skin removed in a typical infant circumcision is the equivalent of 15 square inches in an adult male. Newborn males are tied down and metal clamps are used, which can (and sometimes do) cause burn marks.

Within Jewish communities, a boy has his brit milah on the eight day of his life. A blade is used to cut his foreskin causing mental trauma, and putting the baby into shock. Again, this is the mutilation of a human's body without his permission. The foreskin is the most sensitive part of the body. Within ultra Orthodox Jewish communities when a newborn receives his brit milah the mohel (circumciser) sucks on the baby's penis to stop the blood flow as stated, according to them, in the Torah. This sexual abuse has caused some babies in the United States to develop herpes. The excuse of religion to suck on a child's penis is just a shadow to hide behind sexually abusing a child, and we ask President Obama to cease male circumcision along with the sexual abusal practice of sucking a child's penis within hospitals, birthing centres, homes, and religious temples. We ask for organisations such as Unicef and the United Nations to end the practice of infant and child circumcision for males and females globally for any purpose; religious or not.

There is something seriously wrong if people believe that in order for their child to be accepted by their God, that their child's most sensitive parts need to be mutilated.

We also ask the United Nations, Amnesty International, Unicef, and more to end the religious and cultural practice in certain Pacific Islander tribes of finger cutting, where a young daughter's fingers are cut off when an elder dies. The rights of children must come before the evils of religious and culturally abusive practices.

2. Faith Healing and the Lack of Medical Intervention.

In nearly every state in the United States it is possible for parents to deny their child medical intervention based on religious reasons. Medical professionals therefore cannot save a child's life because of the beliefs of the parents. Children are not Jewish, Mormon, Catholic, Muslim, etc but rather they are the children of Jews, Mormons, Catholics, Muslims, etc who may or may not choose their parents' religion when they are adults or be religious at all as adults.

We ask President Barack Obama, the American Board of Pediatrics, and the American Pediatrics Association to override all religious beliefs when it comes to the safety and health of any minor within the United States whether that child is an American citizen or not, and any American child living abroad. Until the age of adulthood, within severe situations such as: cancers, epilepsy, severe mental illness, addictions, suicide attempts, large loss of blood, choking, whooping cough, measles, the flu in young children, and more medical professionals will now have the right to overstep the parents' wishes and do whatever is necessary to save the child's life. Refusal to take the child or find a ride for the child to doctor appointments and/or to the hospital under serious situations (ie: a seizure that lasts a long time, a child turning blue from choking, an asthma attack not helped by the child's inhaler) will result in homicide charges.

According to Child's Health Care is a Legal Duty:

Currently, within: Idaho, Iowa, Lousiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and Arkansas  parents are given religious exemption for negligent homicide, manslaughter, or capital murder under the excuse of religion. From 2011-November 2014, twelve children in Idaho died due to faith healing, a moronic practice where parents believe only prayer is allowed to heal their children and absolutely no medical intervention can be done on the behalf of their children regardless of the severity of their child's illness. None of the parents in Idaho have been prosecuted.

Within: Washington state, Utah, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, New Jersey, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, and Rhode Island parents are permitted religious exemption for felony crimes against children including child endangerment and neglect. Thousands of children are denied medical access, proper education (by proper this means having a well rounded education in various subjects), refused food, and are brainwashed and emotionally abused (ie told they will go to eternal hell) under the word religion.

Within: New York, Alaska, California, Nevada, South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Washington D.C. South Carolina, New Hampshire, and Maine parents are given religious exemption for misdemeanour crimes against their children including endagerment and deprivation.

Within: Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Connecticut, and Florida parents are given religious exemption for medical neglect, meaning they aren't excused for the more severe instances of states above, but they can deny medical intervention for their children which can nevertheless kill their child!

Only within in the states of Oregon, Nebraska, Massachussetts, North Carolina, and Maryland are children given full protection from religious abuse.

It is time that all children are given the medical intervention and up to date paediatric appointments from the time of pregnancy until the age of adulthood. I write pregnancy here because proper nutrition and care of a pregnant woman or pregnant teenager plays a lifelong role in the well-being of a person. All pregnant women and pregnant teenagers must use an ob/gyn and/or midwife during their pregnancy, and religious beliefs may not deter a woman from appointments during her pregnancy, unless she does not know she is pregnant.

3. Brainwashing, Physical and Emotional Abuse, and "Being Slain by the Holy Spirit".

In this disturbing video you will see vulnerable and impressionable children being brainwashed to believe that there is a holy spirit or ghost in the room when no proof has taken place. Children are forced to "act up" and perform crying, yelling, and shaking to prove they have more spirit in them than other children in the room. This is also dangerous if a child does have an actual seizure, adults and other children in the room would not be able to know if the child is being religiously brainwashed or in need of immediate medical help. This religious child abuse, performed by profiting Evangelists, rewires the brains of children (and adults) to make them feel: guilty of things outside of their control, unworthy, not good enough, and other emotionally abusive beliefs a person should never feel, especially a child. It leaves adolescents with an unhealthy perception on sexuality, and is especially tramautising for homosexual, asexual, bisexual, and transgendered children, and adults who grew up within such households.

Children in Evangelist homes are being told they will go to hell for minor infractions. The very idea of telling children they will spend eternity or any period of time in hell is child abuse.

We hearbye ask the religious abuse of: holy spirit shaking, making a child cry by repeatedly telling him or her they are too sinful, telling a child they will go to hell, emotionally abusing a child for his or her sexuality or the feelings of being the opposite sex, will hearbye be illegal. Evangelist priests and Evagelist parents are hearbye not allowed to force their children to shake or threaten them with eternal damnation. We ask that children are removed from such churches, and that Jesus Camps are demolished nor will jesus Camps be allowed within people's homes. We also ask for an investigation into any other religious fundamentalist places within the United States (ie Islamic fundamentalism). 

4. Shiite Islamic scarring and Shia Scarring

Within the Shiite and Shia Islamic sects, two major sects of Islam, boys are scarred and brutally abused to honour the death of the Mohammed's grandson. This can, and does, kill boys.

We ask that all children of Muslim parents not be forced to shed blood until it is their choice upon legal adulthood.




It has long been known that some Catholic priests have sexually abused children and not prosecuted. This has also happened amongst rabbis in Orthodox communities and Imams. Some Catholic nuns have also killed teenage girls and infants by denying them medical care during pregnancy and delivery as a punishment for sex before marriage. We ask any priest, rabbi, imam, or nun who is still alive and who is accountable for homicide and/or child abuse be prosecuted in a court of law, including for those in Europe at the Hague. 



I would like to comment on one thing that may not seem as important, but to children it is. As an educator, nanny, childminder, and child advocate who has worked with: genius, gifted, average, special needs, and severely at-risk children (addicts, rescued child prostitutes, war refugees, abused children) from many economic, religious, atheist, and cultural backgrounds in a variety of settings (shelters, Montessori, Catholic, charter, and U.S. government schools from urban to rural) I ask that Halloween be allowed in schools, and that all children be allowed to celebrate Halloween. There is often a rift between the religious and atheist, and between different religious groups over Halloween, especially in schools. Children, and we were all children at once, never see a religious aspect in Halloween (ie Irish paganism). For children, Halloween is a time for decorating pumpkins, playing dress up, and candy. Halloween gives small children a precursor to drama and theatre classes, by allowing them to put on make-up, masks, and costumes and become someone else. In the mind of a child, Halloween is nothing more than play and imagination, and both must always be kept intact for children.

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