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Do Not Use Military Intervention In Syria

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The U.S. Government has dragged their citizens into distant lands to fight never-ending wars; wars which were illegally launched solely by Executive Power, without the consultation of "We the People" and Congress. We have not yet gotten out of the quicksand known as the MIddle East, but already Obama has declared, for an entire nation (without our permission), that the U.S. is going to intervene in another country's civil war.

This power-hungry madness is unconstitutional and Executive Powers must be reigned in if we are to be the democratic and free nation our founding fathers desired for this country. There is a reason we have checks and balances, and there is a reason President's continue to use fear to grant themselves unprecedented privileges regarding foreign policy.

America has never done well when involving itself in foreign Civil Wars, in countries with cultures we understand so little of, to be able to bring about any effective solutions. Arming Syrian Rebels, who profess an alliance with Al-Qaeda, is a mistake that will come back to haunt us, just as it did when the CIA trained Osama Bin Laden in the 1970's and 80's. The conflicts in the Middle East are too complicated to be handled militarily and foreign intervention often has a way of prolonging chaos and violence, not ending it. The U.S. must stop policing the world with military strength or very soon it will decline in prestige, wealth, and authority; it happens to every great nation when it has over-extended itself.

Tell Obama that if he wants to arm Syrian Rebels, he must consult the will of the people, and put the issue before Congress. Contrary to the belief of every modern President, he does not speak for us when it regards issues of foreign policy.

We The People must ultimately decide how much we are willing to sacrifice for others.

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