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Disband the DEA and replace it with a science based institution

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Since the very inception of the Drug Enforcement Administration, science, constitutional rights, and common sense have consistently eluded those who are in charge. The DEA has wasted TRILLIONS in taxpayer money fighting a long failed and sorely outdated "war" on drugs. They have violated American rights at EVERY opportunity, disregarded the will of the people with nearly EVERY policy decision, and neglected scientific fact continuously with arrogant ignorance. The most glaringly obvious lack of common sense concerns the organizations policy on Cannabis. While more than HALF the states in the country have legalized Cannabis for medical use and several have legalized it for recreational use, the DEA still stands by a schedule 1 classification of Cannabis. This is not just ignorance- it is BLATANT disregard of science and the will of the people. Not only did they pass at an opportunity to reclassify Cannabis in 2016, they additionally have just announced a schedule 1 classification for CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid found both in hemp and Cannabis that has CONSISTENTLY demonstrated medical properties with little to no downside. 

While the DEA continues to be regressive and draconian, the rest of the country wishes to move forward. The time to end this massive conflict of interest and disband the DEA has come. The time to allow otherwise law abiding citizens to use a substance proven to be safe AND medicinal has come. The time to stop letting the rights of Americans be TRAMPLED on and DISREGARDED has COME! In the 21st century there is NO EXCUSE for allowing conflict of interest, emotion, and outdated policy to overrule science and the will of the people. Acknowledging the need to evaluate substances on some basis, I hereby propose that the United States government replace the DEA with an institution based entirely on the scientific study of drugs, whose purpose would be to make RECOMMENDATIONS ONLY for the general public, but have NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER to prosecute Americans for choosing to use substances responsibly.


Sign this petition and let the DEA and the rest of the government hear your displeasure with this ridiculous institution.

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