End Campus Violence Against Women

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End Campus Violence Against Women

May 20, Carnegie Hall will host the 2016 New York Law School graduation ceremony.  I will not be in attendance.

Congratulations to the 2016 graduates! 

I am a woman of color, marathon runner, Marine veteran, U.S. citizen, feminist, Juris Doctor candidate, and voter. I believe in women’s rights, civil rights, human rights, education, diversity, equality, and justice.

 Violence against women cannot be tolerated, even when the perpetrator is a white male and an admitted law student. Violence against women cannot be tolerated, even when the victim is a female of color, and not from the top socioeconomic bracket.

October 6, 2014, I left my constitutional law class to use the bathroom, when I was attacked by a white male outside of New York Law School’s bathrooms. His eyes were red and glazed over, he was drooling, his chest was rising and falling, he was clenching and unclenching his fists, and his shoulders were rounded in an aggressive posture. He came towards me, focused and enraged. Ultimately, I was rescued by a male student who entered the hall.

I reported the incident to New York Law School. The attack devastated me, but New York Law School destroyed what was left. I watched a powerful law school run by powerful attorneys obstruct justice to protect the school’s reputation and profits. I trusted New York Law School to my detriment. I cooperated with New York Law School’s investigation and hearing process. I attempted to transfer law schools. My transfer application was not read because it lacked a second letter of recommendation from New York Law School.

Fall 2015, I agreed to be reinstated at New York Law School. That was my worst academic semester. I requested an independent review of grades to rule out bias and retaliation. I have not heard back from the school.

Spring 2016, I late transferred from another class because I was constantly disrespected by the professor. More retaliation?

Finally, I reached out to The President of The United States; I reported 5 attorneys at the law school to the legal grievance and disciplinary committee; I submitted a complaint to the government Office of Civil Rights; April 21, 2016, I filed an application to proceed as a pauper in the Supreme Court of New York against New York Law School.

Harassment-free and assault-free universities are a right, not a privilege. Women should not be forced to commence legal action for schools to recognize this.

I am petitioning the large banks, financial institutions, law firms, oil companies, and the wealthy top 10% to stand up to violence against women on college campuses. I am asking that they either fund this lawsuit or provide legal representation.

Violence against women is more than a crime against women, it is a crime against civil rights, human rights, U.S. education, and the economy.

I gave blood, sweat, and tears when I joined the Marines, because I believe in education, and I wanted a law degree without majoring in debt. I have worked in some of the top companies, and I have seen that big business does have a conscience.

I ask these companies to remind the American people and our neighboring countries of that.

I need fierce, dedicated, skilled and experienced attorneys to stand up for the radical notion that women on college campuses are entitled to harassment-free and assault-free schools. The average American is hemorrhaging financially. However, we cannot give up this fight, because women on college campuses are the backbone of the American economy, and we need strong, dedicated, and education women.

As a woman, and a person of color, I am told to be successful in spite of barriers that others have built for me. Together, we can end the campus assault barrier for all women.  We are living in the civil rights movement, today. Don’t ever stop fighting. 

If colleges were made to forfeit the school’s profit for any female who was attacked on-campus, and the school seriously mishandled the investigation, violence against women on college campuses would end tomorrow. If you believe in the radical notion that women are entitled harassment-free and assault-free universities, sign this petition today.  

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