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Conduct a Full Investigation into the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

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On Dec 14, 2012 you Mr. President during a National News Conference on Dec 14, 2012 while appearing to cry told the American people that you will use every resource of your office to investigate this Heinous Crime.

To this day all you have done is use AIR FORCE ONE in picking up the supposed 20 parents whosupposedly lost a child at Sandy hook Elementary School and flew them to Washington DC to lobby gun control.

Using the peoples Airplane as you must know it is not yours to lobby Congress and then fly them back to Newtown CT.

Why did you not put that much effort into investigating this huge Government Fraud by Homeland Security?

You Mr. President by your actions Inflicted Emotional Distress on millions and millions of innocent Americans and around the world and for what so you can fly Sandy Hook parents who do not exist to Washington DC for Gun Control.

You by your actions have created Panic and Fear in every school across the United States.

When you create intentional Panic and Fear it is called Domestic Terrorism.

You have two daughters and they deserve the truth about what you allowed Homeland Security in your CAPSTONE EXCERCISE to do using children and teachers as props during a school shooting massacre.

I am hoping that the people of America wake up before it is to late, you can find the truth at 

Two CT State Troopers gave me the script that the Newtown Police Department used on Dec 14, 2012

Watch the video in which police are chasing people in the woods at 12:23 pm on Dec 14, 2012 after lunch.  The school was safe at 10:30 based on the lies in the script.

You decide for your self after reading the scripts and tell this President that we deserve better that his lies and don't forget he was going to use every resource of his office in finding that truth which has yet to happen.


Get after him do not allow him to leave office without us seeing the complete FBI investigative file under public records.


By the way when you go to the FBI web site they have listed the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting taking place on Dec 13, 2012 and the FBI Murder data report shows NO murders in Newtown Ct in 2012.

Please help me in exposing this huge GOVERMENT FRAUD which is bigger then Watergate.













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