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Clemency for George Adams, who has served over 25 years

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My brother's  name is George Adams.  He is an inmate at Lee Correctional Institute. His inmates  number is 00181283. Please to review his federal petition by going to South Eastern Law under Google and type in my full name George Adams verse the State of South Carolina / South Carolina Department of Corrections there they will see George's  struggle and can read for themselves his first appeal cited at opinion No. 24420 heard Feb. 6,1996 filed April 29, 1996 read how Jean Toal and Chief Justice Finney refuse to overturn his case on how the trial judge abused his discretion at trial 96-cp-40-1786 in George's  first post conviction relief application(pcr) go to Richland county court house and request a copy of that case.  Read how Attorney Pete Strom handle George's petition and how Judge Manning handle his case second pct 2004-cp-40-3481 read there how attorney Charlie Johnson, Jr. handle his second petition to the court third petition 2004-cp-40-5620 read there How he won his case in order to finally get an appeal also you'll see how Robert M. Pachak the lawyer failed George on appeal to south Carolina Supreme court in March 6, 2008 2010-cp-40-2869 there George filed his first state Habeas Corpus where all the facts and documents where presented requesting for immediate release from the unconstitutional conviction July 16, 2910 January 25,2011, George filed his first petition to the federal court on Habeas Corpus 3:11-31-DCN-JRM see how there the federal judges affirmed the state's process fourth pcr to the state court 2013-CP-40-01336 there you'll further see how George was handled by his elected attorney on his fourth petition.  Tommy A. Thomas is now on George's  parole expectations taken away by the parole department which was part of my sentence for over 20 years pending before Judge Casey Manning further go to my civil Rights Matter I:13-cv-3023-D.C. and read how George won his civil matter against South Carolina Department of Corrections.  Go to George's second State Habeas Corpus appellate case No. 2014-001916 and read how he, George, further the review in  George's  case documents in support of relief.  Continue to read the second Federal Habeas Corpus and read how the courts handle him on that case and lastly I would like you to go to George's pending current pct application 2014-cp-40-1786 and review how the state is trying to dismiss his case challenging the right to a new trial on the new law which establishes a relief on trial judge error in violation of dismissing a defendant's jury which happen to him at trial this case have been pending since November 6,2013 if anybody is concern about what he has been doing to get someone to listen. 

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