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Change our Education

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I have just started the 2016-2017 school-year as a freshman and I'm already realizing how time consuming and difficult the classes are. Along with many of my friends, acquaintances, and other various peers, our grades aren't what they used to be (in middle school) and no matter how much effort we put in, how much we study, and how hard we work, getting low grades is a common problem. We seek out help and try to look at the positive side of things, but it doesn't seem to benefit us in any way. Of course, it is natural for us to want to end school entirely and abolish the problems from our lives, but that isn't what we are trying to achieve with this movement. We simply want to change the way we are educated. Ending school is completely foolish as it removes education from the picture entirely, but reforming the way we are educated is a better option for students.

To begin, the first problem we see in our education is forcing student to take classes that won't benefit them when they know what they want their career to be. Let's say someone is an aspiring actor, and they aren't just the student who thinks they can sing or thinks they can act, they have real talent and have been recognized many times for their abilities. They go into high school and of course, do extracurricular activities that are oriented toward their talents and abilities (such as drama club). But, when they go into their classes that count for their GPA and are required for them to graduate, they have nothing to do with acting and in no way help them prepare for their future. It is actually statistically shown that, when taught things that seem unimportant, one will not remember them in the long-term and simply cram them for a test/final. So, we believe education should more so fit the student, and yes, their are electives but we shouldn't have to take AP Physics if we want to say, be a garbage truck driver. 

Next, school is too long. Yes, we have tons and tons of classes throughout the day but, with all of these classes crammed into one 8-hour schedule, we are bound to have overlapping tests and homework, which makes it difficult to complete each assignment with full-effort put into it. Other countries spread out the classes throughout the week, giving the students about 3 to 4-hours a day of classes, and letting them process the information for longer. This gives them optimal time to complete assignments and study for tests, letting them show their full potential and get their grades up. Implementing this into our schools may help our test-scores go up and help troubled students have a better chance of getting into better (Ivy League) colleges.

Finally, extracurricular activities interfere with our studies and school day. Since doing one or multiple extracurricular activities looks good for colleges and can possibly be the make-or-break point when applying for one. Cramming those activities into our schedule along with finishing assignments and studying for the multiple tests we have tomorrow is extremely difficult and can often lead to grades lowering and GPAs falling. In order to avoid this, we propose a change in how after school activities are manage. In other countries, such as France, they have an entire day devoted to these activities, which is beneficial because it gives students time to participate in these activities as if it were a regular school day. 

All in all, we see many problems in the way our education is run today, and we are making this petition to go against what we have been doing for so many  years of our lives. We hope that when you see this, you feel empathy for the students today because you've lived through school or are currently in school and you know the troubles and hardships. 

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