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IAs we all know there are several states that have prison systems that allow parole, and Conjugal visits to non violent inmates. However, Virginia is not one of them. Bringing back Parole and Conjugal visits could help lower the violence inside the Virginia Prison Systems. If an inmate knew they were available for a chance of parole, this would give them something to work for and avoid trouble knowing they have a great chance of an early release. As well as conjugal visits. Every inmate who has children and wives/husbands woukd surely work hard at earning the privelage to spend quality time with their families. Not only would this have a positive effect on inmates, but their families as well. The families who suffer from deep depression due to the loss of a loved one incarcerated whom has been sentenced to many years in prison. Another positive effect and outcome would help the overcrowded prisons and save on tax payers money. Lets help the nonviolent offenders earn a second chance with good behavior! Everyone makes mistakes, and some people do learn from those mistakes.  If we the people of Virginia can let our voices be heard, maybe, just maybe we can bring parole and conjugal visits back to Virginia to the inmates who deserve another chance.

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