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Ban horse slaughter in the US

Horse slaughter is inhumane. In countries where horse-slaughter is practiced, many slaughterhouses keep their horses in inhumane conditions, as well as the fact that horses are killed in such a cruel and brutal way. Even the transit of the horses that will be slaughtered in overcrowded, double-decker trailers is brutally painful for horses. Horse meat is a terrible idea for human health reasons, as well: the majority of horses have been given drugs in their lifetime that make their meat potentially unsafe. Many horses in the US are given phenylbutazone, which is banned by the US Food and Drug Association for use in animals intended for consumption. There is not a great need for the disposal of unwanted horses: the US is not full of starving horses, but still 1.5 % of the 1 million horses are slaughtered. Many people in the US are concerned that horse meat will be incorporated into supposedly 100% beef products. The ban on production of horse meat for human consumption lapsed in 2011, so horse slaughter plants such as Valley Meat Company are now legal. Horses are beloved pets that are highly sensitive and loving. America has never raised horses for meat: they helped us become a country. This is such a horrifying way to treat these exquisite animals that have been our well-loved companions and partners for centuries. Horses have helped us win wars, plow fields, and, most importantly, they have shown a great friendship to humans since our two species first met. They have been our friends, and you don't kill your friends for meat.

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