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Attorney General Loretta Lynch Must RESIGN IMMEDIATELY

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It is obvious beyond reason that Hillary Clinton is guilty beyond measure on charges involved in the investigation of her emails and the Clinton Foundation.

Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch's private meeting was a sign of things not going impartially as planned. The lack of even charges recommended by the FBI shows us how rigged this game was to begin with.

FBI Director James Comey has made it clear that his judgement is clouded. There are many possibilities:

That the decision was about defeating Sanders, not about Democrats vs Republicans. Oligarchs will always unite to defeat a good cause. Our job is to not back down.They cleared Hillary of charges the day that Wikileaks unloaded their email stash. The timing is also conveniently before the Democratic convention, to minimise Sanders' chances of contesting it even though neither candidate has the required 2,383 pledged delegates. Or it could be that Comey is a NeverTrump Republican. Or perhaps he expects Hillary Clinton to defeat Trump and wants to keep his job. Regardless, the political pressure from the biggest political machine in American history - the Clintons, their donors, their media lapdogs, Goldman Sachs et al - must have been overwhelming.

They may deny any wrongdoing, but ISIS has denied being barbaric too, so you can understand our skepticism. The American people as well as the people of the world - including many countries where shady deals between our governments and the US State Department, along with donations to the Clinton Foundation have deepened the rot of corruption in our state and society, often for the benefit of invisible actors, causing incalculable harm - refuse to be denied justice just so that the most corrupt person in US history gets to fulfill her ambitions of garnering even more political power while her benefactors drool at the business opportunities her rule would usher in, in this rigged economy with billionaires buying elections.

Hillary Clinton is not qualified nor trustworthy enough to lead a garbage collection drive, forget be President. Loretta Lynch is no longer qualified to be Attorney General. Barack Obama's legacy has been one of sweeping the dirt under the rug at the coronation. We demand appropriate action against each for wrongly influencing the course of justice. The government is no one's private property.

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