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Aid for Aleppo civilians

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My dear and fellow Americans, I ask you to sign this petition to help the civilians of Syria and Aleppo. Cease fire between Turkey, Russia, and Iran have been violated and we cannot sit and watch the disaster and horrific tragedy that is taken place in Aleppo. Kids are murdered, families separated, women raped by pro government soldiers. Where is the humanity in this world? As a father of 4, I cannot listen to news anymore and go to sleep in my warm cozy bed or have my warm meals and ignore what's going on in Aleppo. We need to do anything we can to voice our opinion on this terrifying event that have occurring these past few days. 

I ask you to please put yourself in their shoes. Bombs, bullets, executions of innocent children being burned alive. You can't escape Aleppo but you can't stay either. Imagine yourself in a war zone and think about what you would do for your family? Helplessly, these civilians are using social media to reach out to us for help. It is their last resort. Many have  said their final good bye because they feel that no one is listening and they will soon lose their life.

A 7 year old  girl named Bana Alabed tweeted from her mothers account that she is lucky to be alive but doesn't know if she will be able to live any longer. Is this what this world has come to? A 7 year old reaching out to the world and almost knows her faith? To not do anything and watch these innocent people die is a shame. They need to know we hear their cries and we will stand up for them when they can't anymore. The time is now!

The world is watching but something needs to be done. President Barack Obama and other world leaders need to find a way to save these civilians caught in the crossfire. I cannot and will not just watch. Russia and Turkey must cease fire and if broken, their must be criminal war charges brought against them. 

Aid needs to be dropped to these innocent families. Food, water, blankets, anything they can use to stay alive. As of September 2016, millions have been without water or shelter. The bombings must stop to allow innocent civilians escape and find shelter. Please help sign this petition. I beg you to not ignore. Please, let's find a way to end this madness and inhumane situation happening in Aleppo right now! 




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