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Against Imported Shrimp being brought into Louisiana

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Petition for Shrimper's Rights

The good people of the state of Louisiana move immediately to ban imported shrimp. Unregulated farmers in foreign countries continue to raise shrimp in unsanitary conditions. Diseased, imported shrimp carried EMS (Early Mortality Syndrome). As it spread from China on 2009, to Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand, we kept these shrimp off market in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

The import ban helped our commercial fishermen as stocks were recovering from the 2010 Oil Spill. Now that all areas in the state have been re-opened, there is no reason to import shrimp from other countries. The benefit for those who harvest wild shrimp in the state of Louisiana and possible health issues involved with consuming possibly diseased imports outweigh the savings to the consumer. Please sign this petition to insure imported shrimp stay off market and help insure the future of Louisiana's fishing families like my own.



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