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Against banning the colour orange

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Two people, living in the world where we call home have called on the world to ban the colour orange, this is indeed horrifying and we need to stand together, for our nation and for our world to try and make a peaceful, united nation and safe place for society to prosper and further to make it a better place, this is indeed done by banning the two. Earlier this year they made a petition on "Banning the colour Orange" this is despicable due to the fact that orange is an 'actual' colour that is needed in the world. They talked about how it was unnecessary and not many people like it, this is in fact an unfair statement and many people enjoy and like the colour orange, people we look up, people who change the world, people who we want to be or be like. 

Orange also makes up part of the sunset/sunrise and is greatly appreciated for its beautiful input into the sky which was once filled with pale blue. Yes, orange may not be the best colour in the world, being over ruled by colours such as blue, green, red and pink but colours such as orange and yellow are still needed and of course considered a 'colour' and also an important part of the rainbow.

Yes everybody has rights, thats the rule of the world, everybody has a say but sometimes its just not ethically true and can be put to use in anyway. Orange, may it be banned will still be a colour no matter what, whether we see it in the sky, on a flag, on a piece of clothing, on anything really, orange will always be a colour. We also have a huge community of LGBT people as well as LGBT supporters which will without thinking say that banning the colour orange is a bad idea and shouldn't be enforced. 

We need everybody to know, the orange haters and other people unaware of the threat that has been put against the colour orange but we know that orange is needed in the world and without it the world would be more dull and one less of a colour in the rainbow. We have colours, it is true, colours which mean something, pink supporting breast cancer, yellow could be for 'Are You Ok?' day and orange is a very special colour which signifies creativity, happiness and fascination as well as supporting Harmony day. 

Not everybody enjoys the colour orange, people such as Kayla and Caitlin but orange is still greatly loved amongst people of the world and without orange in the world, what will be the sunset and sunrise, what would Fanta look like, what would the intense heats of fire become, what will once called 'orange' be. Think about it.

Thank you, I hope you support this cause. 

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